The Inexpensive & Handmade Lingerie Brand you Need to Know!

Ever walk into Victoria’s Secret only to become heartbroken upon leaving? Yah, me too. Every. Single. Time. If it’s not because I left without that super cute $200 lace bodysuit, then it’s because I bought that super cute $200 lace bodysuit. Well, what if I told you that you could find gorgeous, hand made, and inexpensive lingerie pieces that mimic the designs of Victoria’s Secret online? (Geez that last sentence made me sound like an infomercial of some sort, I swear this post isn’t sponsored haha). Well, you’d probably say it’s too good to be true. But, it’s not!

The Etsy shop Lace Lab offers a variety of handmade lace pieces for extremely reasonable prices. Extremely reasonable prices as in lace bralettes from $11 and lace bodysuits from $30… Not only do they carry stunning pieces at low price points, but they are also constantly creating new lace and embroidery designs; so their shop is always updated. In addition to all this good shtuff, Lace Lab’s deliveries are unmatchably speedy. By the time my order (and there were multiple items in the shipment) was placed, it took a single hour for my package to ship, and only three days for it to arrive through international delivery! I know I’m not the only individual to notice their fantastic shipping, as many of their reviewers made comment of their quick shipments and deliveries too.

Definitely make sure to go check them out, and remember to keep checking back as they are constantly updating their stock! I’ll leave their link here for you. For now I’ve included some photos from a recent shoot with Kalina Denault Photography featuring two of Lace Lab’s handmade lace bodysuits. Enjoy!

































Unfortunately, Lace Lab no longer offers the two bodysuits pictured above; however, I’ll link some of my favourites from their current designs- here, here, and here! I’ve linked the pieces in order of the pictures below for your convenience.

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Ring Stack Goals With Everly!

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend- and for good reason. They sparkle and they won’t steal your boyfriend; it’s a win win. The downfall? I’m a 20 year old University student who doesn’t have the resources (aka: moolah) to rock diamonds on the regular. So what’s a girl to do? Well, I give you Everly; the ring shop that carries a variety of simulated diamonds and gemstones presented in beautiful sterling silver designs.

Through Everly I received this stunning set of three rings, which is pictured below. With my current obsession with all things rose gold (I mean, what gal isn’t all about rose gold lately?),  I opted for two of their rose gold pieces, separated by a classic silver design. Put them all together and you’ve got the perfect ring stack! Best part? They look a whole lot more expensive than they actually are. Everly is currently offering their stackable ring sets for 3/$150, 4/$199, and 5/$250.


This ring stack is the perfect addition to any outfit! As shown in the pictures, I chose to pair them with a champagne coloured dress from Dynamite and my nude clutch from Aldo, although they’d honestly look great with anything!


I typically have a few rings that I like to wear daily- just to make my outfit look a lot more put together than it probably is- and I have definitely now added these Everly rings to the collection. I am in love.


*All Photos are courtesy of Jorja Coral Photography.

*Disclaimer: Rings were gifted to me for advertisement purposes.

To shop these stunning rings, click here!

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Bootay Bag- A Monthly Undie Subscription!

Who wouldn’t love getting new undies in the mail each month… like, need I write more? Well, at least let me go into detail a little. Bootay Bag is an online monthly subscription that sends you undies (of your specified taste) each month! When first applying for the subscription, Bootay Bag will ask you to answer a series of questions related to your underwear preferences. Thus, allowing semi-customization. While offering undies at your doorstep, you also have the option to include a bralette in your monthly bag at an additional cost. I’ve included some pics of the Bootay Bag that I recently received, along with the cute undies I found inside. Go check them out!

Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography

Photos courtesy of Jorja Coral Photography.

*Disclaimer: Products were sent to me for promotional purposes.

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Vintage Designer Jewelry- Need I Say More?

What if I told you that you could rock gorgeous designer pieces without breaking the bank; would you believe me? I honestly wouldn’t have believed myself prior to stumbling upon Old Soul Vintage Jewelry a few months ago. Old Soul Vintage Jewelry is an Etsy shop that offers vintage bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, handbags, designer glasses, scarves, and hand-made vintage button bracelets and earrings. I was fortunate enough to receive this vintage Yves Saint Laurent hand-made button ring, and it has now become a favourite in my ring collection! As I’ve stated a number of times in my previous posts, a few unique rings on one’s hand perfectly complements and elevates a look. Details, details, details. Now of course, rocking a vintage Yves Saint Laurent ring will bring your fashion game to a whole new level. Check out some pics below!!


Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography

Link to the featured repurposed Yves Saint Laurent ring: here.

Photos courtesy of the very talented Jorja Coral Photography.

*Disclaimer: Product was sent to me by Old Soul Vintage Jewelry for review.

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Rodan & Fields’ Unblemish Review

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to be sent the complete Rodan and Fields’ Unblemish Kit to test out and review for you all! Prior to receiving my kit, I had for years been using Proactiv Plus’ three step line, and have found it to work extremely well with my skin type. I’ll link that review for you here. For those of you who don’t already know, Proactiv is a line of Rodan and Fields’ Products, so I was thrilled to try out their Unblemish line to see how it compared to Proactiv. My only issue with Proactiv (okay well besides the fact that it has stained more pillow cases and towels than I can count) is that it has a tendency to dry out my already very dry skin. BUT I must say that their newer line of Proactiv Plus has improved in the gentleness department. Either way, I was super excited to try Rodan and Field’s Unblemish kit because I was hoping it’d be more catered towards skin care than Proactiv- which it was! So, without further adieu, let’s get into the review.



Step #1: Unblemish Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash.319_17_UNWA125_M2

The very first step in the skin regiment is to wash your face thoroughly with Rodan & Fields’ Unblemish Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash. This wash, medically containing 3% sulfur, is said to unclog pores and reduce any visible redness. When first trying this product I was extremely surprised to learn of its purple colour- how fun!

Use: Making certain that your face is completely clean of any makeup residue, apply this wash on your entire face. Once soaked in, rinse away with water and pat dry with a towel.

Step #2: Unblemish Clarifying Toner.168_18_UNTN125_M2

The second step in Rodan & Fields’ Unblemish kit, is to apply their clarifying toner to the face using a gauze pad. This allows the pores to further unclog; revealing a cleaner complexion overall. Made without the use of alcohol, this gentle toner aids in the prevention of dry skin.

Use: After drying your face completely, apply the clarifying toner to your face’s entirety using a cotton pad. Once applied liberally, allow time for the toner to soak into the pores.

Step #3: Unblemish Dual Intensive Acne Treatment.Unblemish_NewDualIntensive

This was the final step included in my Rodan & Fields’ Unblemish kit; however, not the last step in my given skin care regiment to review. Containing 5% benzoyl peroxide, the Dual Intensive Acne Treatment helps to prevent future breakouts from developing.

Use: Once your face is dry of the toner, you’re ready to move onto this next step. Ensuring that your hands are clean, apply a small amount of product onto finger tips and massage into the skin. Making sure to cover all acne problem areas on your face.

*Bonus Step #4: Soothe Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30.SOSS050.jpg

In addition to the complete Unblemish kit I received, I was also sent the Rodan and Fields’ Soothe Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 30 to use as my daily facial moisturizer. I really love that it doubles as a sunscreen because it is ever so important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. I insisted on bringing this with me to the Dominican Republic to use as my facial sunscreen and moisturizer, and I am so happy that I did! This product not only protected my skin from the sun’s rays, but it also left my face feeling clean without any oily residue.

Use: Ensuring that your hands are clean, apply this product to your face’s entirety using your fingertips to massage the sunscreen into your pores. Thus, leaving your skin both moisturized and protected!

My Experience

One kit’s recommended usage given the supplied quantity is two months; however, with the gradual start I was able to utilize the regiment for a full three months. After using this kit for the three months, I found my skin to not only be cleared of any breakouts, but also to be healthier and softer. In fact, my skin just had this healthy glow to it- even Mitch noticed (and when he notices things like that you can be positive it’s working!). By comparing Proactiv and Rodan & Fields, I was able to determine the noticeable difference between the two skin care regiments. While Proactiv was solely acne targeted, Rodan & Fields was more catered towards skin care as a whole. My skin was softer, smoother, and overall healthier when using Rodan & Fields. However, for those with severe acne prone skin, I recommend using Proactiv’s acne eliminating system, as I found it to be tougher on acne. Below I’ve included some images displaying my face before, during, and after use.


As you can see, my skin before using Rodan and Fields’ Unblemish kit had a few mild blemishes and was fairly dull.

Enter a caption


During use, my skin experienced a small breakout (pictured below). However, this is a normal outcome to a change of skincare products, and subsided shortly after.


Ignoring the odd, green hue of my after photos, it is clear that my skin is now much more supple and glowy- and it’s all thanks to Rodan & Fields’ Unblemish Kit!!

If you’re a Manitoban reader, then make sure to check out Lesli Trottier’s web page. She’ll help you figure out which kit would be the best suited for your skin type, and give you all of the needed information for ordering with Rodan and Fields. Also, if you’re interested in a part-time, home based business opportunity, Lesli would be more than happy to further inform you of a career with Rodan and Fields. I’ll link her information below for your convenience!

*Featured image is courtesy of Camryn Elizabeth Photography.

*All product images are courtesy of Rodan and Fields.

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Winter Couple Photoshoot with Jozanna Theolynn

Another day, another couple shoot I drag Mitch to early in the morning. 7:30 in the morning to be exact. But what’s love if not to wake up early for each other, right? Funny enough, one of the most requested post topics I receive is that of couple shoots. People are just crazy about cute couple pictures, and I can’t really blame them. So; from now on, I plan to post the majority of the photos from Mitch and my shoots individually in addition to my fashion specific and themed posts. Prepare yourself for some ridiculously cute photos guys.

*All of these photos are courtesy of the very talented Jozanna Theolynn!!


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Kalina Denault Photography

Back in the autumn, Mitch and I were fortunate enough to win a photoshoot giveaway by the very talented Kalina Denault. As this was our first professional photoshoot as a couple, Mitch and I needed plenty of direction. Thankfully, Kalina was more than happy to guide us through various poses and positions that accentuated our love for each other; creating breathtaking couple photos. We actually ended up loving our photos so much that we chose one of the images as our 2016 Christmas photo!

For those of you who keep up with my blog (first off- thank you!!) you’ve probably already read my interview with Jorja from Jorja Coral Photography. However, if you missed that I’ll link it here. In that interview I stated my desire to introduce my readers to the very talented individuals behind the camera at my blog shoots- because I literally owe all credit from my blog photos to them! Well; in addition to Jorja, I also often work with Kalina from Kalina Denault Photography, and she is also simply amazing behind the camera. That said, I obviously needed to introduce her through an interview as well! So; without further adieu, I present to you my interview with Kalina.

How long have you been interested in photography?

This is one question that I really enjoy answering when I get asked. I have been interested in photography since September 2016. I originally picked up a camera in summer 2016 because my plan was to start a blog dedicated to DIY projects since I enjoy being “crafty”. Knowing nothing about cameras nor going to a photography school, I tried every single way to get experience and to practice. Since I still hadn’t started my DIY blog, people had only seen photos I had taken of friends and family, and I was starting to receive messages and requests to take peoples family, couple and engagement photos. Now, I have even second shot a couple of winter weddings. Not where I had expected to end up, but I am loving every second of it!

Are you hoping to pursue photography as a career?

Yes! I am currently in Red River College in the Business Administration program, in my second year, majoring in Marketing. With my marketing diploma and slight photography background, I am hoping to combine both of these and use my knowledge to further my passion in photography. I hope that in 2018 I will be shooting weddings on my own and creating a small business out of this.

What is your favourite photography style?

I enjoy portraits & couple/weddings the most hands down. Photographing raw emotion is something that warms my heart. I enjoy capturing people in their happiest moments and once the photos are delivered, it’s one of the best feelings seeing your clients content.

Where is it that you see photography taking you? Or where would you like it to take you?

I would like to eventually start my own photography business. That is my end goal! In 2016 I had started photography, this year I am hoping to second shoot as many weddings as I can to get practise and experience under my belt and then in 2018 I hope to start being the head photographer.

What inspires your photography?

What inspires me is other local photographers, magazines and the outdoors. When I go outside it helps me clear my mind and gets the creative juices flowing! As for seeing other photographers posts, they always post the most amazing photos that it inspires me to get out there and keep practising because that’s the only way that anyone will improve with anything.

Check out more of her amazing shots through her Facebook page, her Instagram, and her Pixieset. Oh and don’t forget to follow her!

I would highly recommend Kalina to anyone and everyone wanting to have photos done; she is not only super talented, but she is also just so fun to be around. Whether you’re a season pro or a newbie when it comes to photoshoots, Kalina will make you feel more than comfortable. I hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes interview of what goes into my blog photos, thanks for reading!

PS: Ladies in the Winnipeg area, Kalina is currently offering boudoir sessions at Aspire Studios for only $100 INCLUDING hair/ makeup and furniture props. Feel free to contact myself or Kalina for more information- you really can’t pass that up!


*All photos are courtesy of Kalina Denault Photography

Xo, Quinn

Sugi Tree Studio’s Candle Review

I was recently fortunate enough to come into contact with the very talented creators behind Sugi Tree Studio and participate in a collaboration. And guys.. I am simply obsessed!! I honestly don’t know where to begin this review because there are that many great things to say about the company. With this said, I’m going to try and pinpoint my favourite things in point form.

Before we begin I just want to share a bit of Sugi Tree Studio’s back story. As stated on their website: “Sugi Tree Studio, named after one of the oldest trees in the world, strives to make quality products that create a long lasting impact on our customers, the environment, and the charities we support. All of our products are hand-crafted in our Toronto studio and we take pride in the care and detail put into each and every one. We consider ourselves a team of conscious creators who make home and bath products that not only smell deliciously irresistible, but that promote sustainability, customer well-being, and support animals in need. Drawing inspiration from the world around us, we incorporate a variety of natural ingredients from around the world in our unique formulas!”.

Now let’s begin the review!!

Photo: Jorja Coral Photography

Natural Ingredients

Each one of Sugi Tree Studio’s candles are made of 100% soy wax blended with a small addition of beeswax, before infused with various essential and fragrance oils. Thus, enabling the candle to both burn cleaner and for more hours than those candles made using paraffin wax. Sugi Tree Studios also ensures that all of their fragrances are phthalate free!

Photo: Jorja Coral Photography


Oh my GOSH do their candles ever smell good!! As I was lucky enough to choose my own candle scent for this collaboration, I decided to go with their Moroccan Rose & Sea Salt scent from the Compass Collection. For those of you who know me it will be pretty clear why the Moroccan Rose & Sea Salt was my candle of choice; I am obsessed with floral scents. And boy, the scent from this candle did not disappoint; it was simply delicious!

P.S. Even Broccoli loves the scent!!

Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography

Re-purposed Jars

Each one of Sugi Tree Studio’s candles are poured into re-usable apothecary jars- allowing re-use of the jars. In fact, they’ve included a step by step guide on how to clean your jar once the candle’s burn life is over. They suggest the cute idea of re-purposing the jar as a vase! I’ll include that information here.

Cause & Donations (#CANDLEFORACAUSE)

As Sugi Tree Studio’s home and bath products are inspired by nature, the creators feel it both necessary and important to somehow give back to nature with each purchase. So, with every purchase made, 10% of their revenue is then donated to various animal and habitat rescue organizations. These hand chosen organizations include the Toronto Humane Society, Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue, Wildlife Rescue Association of BC, Ontario SPCA, and the World Wildlife Fund.

Photo: Jorja Coral Photography

Canadian Based & Created

As a Canadian blogger I was so excited to learn of Sugi Tree Studio’s Canadian identity! I love the fact that with each purchase I make through their company, I am supporting a local business as well as supporting local animal rescue programs and environmental sustainability.

Photo: Jorja Coral Photography

Animal Friendly

Sugi Tree Studio NEVER has and NEVER will test on animals; allowing customers to be more conscious consumers.

Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography

Ring Candles

Ring candles, need I say more? Sugi Tree Studio offers a wide variety of natural gemstone rings worth up to $5,000 within their ring candles. The best part is the unique ring designs- unlike other ring candle manufacturers, Sugi Tree Studio uses handmade gemstone rings from Hawkhouse Designs and ARTISUNtis. Their ring collection includes natural gemstone pieces from all over the world, such as quartz, amethyst, turquoise, and aquamarine, as well as rings that are gold, silver and rose-gold plated. Much more uniquely appealing than the costume jewelry found in other ring candles!

Pet Hedgehog

Okay so obviously I had to include this little tid bit. Not only does Sugi Tree Studio carry amazing home and bath products, but they also have a cute hedgehog!! As a hedgehog mother myself, I clearly needed to find a way to incorporate Broccoli into this photoshoot… and that is exactly what Jorja and I did.

Photo: Jorja Coral Photography

To conclude my review I would like to thank Sugi Tree Studio for the irresistibly delicious scented candle they sent me, as well as Jorja from Jorja Coral Photography for the cutest pictures ever!! I would also like to take this opportunity to recommend Sugi Tree Studio to anyone and everyone. Not only are their home and bath products made with impeccable quality, but they also give back to nature through the revenue made from each purchase. Make sure to check out their website here, and their Instagram here.

*All photos courtesy of Jorja Coral Photography.

*Candle courtesy of Sugi Tree Studio.

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My Valentine’s Day Outfit

Ahh Valentine’s Day- the day we celebrate all things love. For me, that indicates Mitch. Although I believe in celebrating each other’s love daily, it’s still nice to set aside a day specifically catered towards it. And hey, if you’re single this Valentine’s Day there are other loves in your life to celebrate: food, friends, wine. Take your pick! Better yet, combine all three for a fun single ladies’ Galentine’s night out (or in!).

So whether you’re celebrating with your special someone, or with your friends, you’re going to need some outfit inspiration. Well, look no further! This Valentine’s Day I chose to wear a baby pink body suit with a white tulle midi skirt. I tend to wear pink every Valentine’s Day- I know, how stereotypical of me- but this Valentine’s Day I not only wore it in lieu of the holiday, but also because it’s the hottest colour of the season. If you’ve been following along with my blog and Instagram (if not, get on it girl!), then you may have noticed my slight obsession with this season’s pastel pink trend. Most notably, my pastel pink wool coat. I love the fashion faux pas rebellion of sporting pastels in the winter months; how daring. Check below for this year’s Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration and let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography

Sending special thanks to Mitch for letting me use him as a human prop (again), Oak and Lily for the stunning floral arrangement, and Jorja from Jorja Coral Photography for the absolutely stunning photos!!

P.S, if you’re wondering why the balloons seem to be deflating in the last photo, it’s because they are… helium and -30 temperatures don’t work well together!

Happy Valentine’s/ Galentine’s Day!

Xo, Quinn

How to Look Good in Cold Weather

With Manitoba currently facing a cold weather advisory (and for those of my Southern readers- that means temperatures dropping to -45 degree celsius) I felt it necessary to make a post dedicated to looking and feeling put together even in freezing temperatures. I swear I’m a cold blooded creature by nature, my winter natural habitat is sitting in front of the fire’s burning embers. I literally lay out a blanket and sit there blogging for hours. The first thing I want to do when stepping out of my morning shower is to step back into it, but as I have places to be and things to do this is sadly not an option. So, I opt for the next best thing- LAYERING. Thankfully, layering is super trendy at the moment and I can easily get away with my cocoon like apparel. Even so, I like to spruce up my looks with some easy tips and tricks… I mean, winter does practically account for half the year here in Canada, and you’re going to want to keep your style refreshed throughout. Let’s get started!

Layering: Since I previously mentioned layering, we might as well start things off with some goods layering tips! Turtlenecks, capes, blankets scarves, oversized sweaters- some of my favourite layering items. But how to properly layer the articles like a pro?

-Use monochromatic pieces to create a simple (yet detailed) look.

-Master lights vs. darks by throwing on a dark shawl over a light form fitting top.

-Make a blanket scarf a statement piece by styling it with a belt.

Statement Coats: When your life consists of six months of winter, it is essential to invest in some warm AND cute coats. Be unique and stand out with a chic coloured coat instead of the typical black peacoat- pastel coats are super on trend right now. Side note: obviously don’t rock basic pumps in minus temperatures.. these shoes just perfectly completed the look for this particular shoot.

Colours: Again, don’t be afraid to use colour to your advantage. Choose one piece from your outfit and designate it as the statement piece by incorporating a pop of colour. Colour blocking is a great tool to create a stand out ensemble; but when in doubt monochromatic it out. For example, I found this green scarf to blend well with the neutral colours incorporated in my ensemble.

Photo: Kalina Denault Photography

Booties: I am constantly on the look out for cute, yet warm, winter booties. Although I’m typically only outside for the duration it takes me to go from my car to the closest warm building, it’s still very important to invest in some warm winter booties.


Leather Gloves: Simply put: cold steering wheels are a big no. Cold hands in general are a big no. Wear gloves. *Wear fashion forward gloves.

Oversized Pieces: I know repping oversized clothing can seem a tad daunting , but there’s really no need to fear. A lot of individuals have concerns about losing their figure to larger pieces, but by creating a black monochromatic look you don’t lose the slimness. Chunky knits have become a must-have in cold weather conditions!


Details, Details, Details: By incorporating accent pieces into a simple look it creates complexity- so stack some bracelets with a nice watch and throw some intricate rings on. different textures. You can read more on details here.

Ponchos & Oversized Blanket Scarves: Briefly mentioned in the layering point; however, oversized blankets and ponchos deserve a lot more recognition. So, I created their very own post. They’re literally just blankets that are socially acceptable (and stylish!) to wear out in public. If you haven’t already, it’s time to invest in some ultra chic and cozy ponchos/ scarves.

Faux Fur: One of the biggest trends this season is that of faux fur. Coats, hats, stoles, headbands, sweaters, boots, mittens.. I was planning to continue listing various articles of clothing that I’ve seen manufactured in faux fur, but then I realized that I’ve literally seen every type of garment incorporated with that medium. Not only is it incredibly stylish, but it’s also very warm. This trend may very well become your best friend this winter. You can read the post I wrote on styling faux fur here. (Side note: you get to see some more cute pics of my friend Tania hehe).

Thigh Highs: Ahhh this has to be one of my favourite looks ever. Thigh high boots, thigh high socks- I love them all. You can majorly up any outfit’s appeal with the addition of thigh highs. So simple.

Photo: Kalina Denault Photography

Hats: Seriously girls. I’ve preached this before but believe me when I state that hats are your best friend. A lot of girls have approached me claiming to “wish they could pull off a cute hat too” when they totally can! It’s all about how you wear it. It’s cliche, but confidence is key. This is my number one tip for those mornings where you rush out the door. If your outfit seems a little lack luster, add a cute hat to top it off right (at it again with the dad jokes). It’ll not only majorly up your outfit’s game, but it’ll also hide that bedhead that you didn’t have time to tame (you’re welcome).

Headbands: A girl can never have too many knit headbands- especially a girl living in Canada. Not only do they keep your ears from becoming frost bitten, but they also add the perfect style element to your outfit.

So as you can see, it is possible to enhance your look even in the coldest of days. Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to subscribe!

** Majority of photography by the amazing Kalina Denault from Kalina Denault Photography. Hover over photos to see credit.

Stay warm friends!

Xo, Quinn