Olga’s Organics

I was recently lucky enough to receive some skin care and makeup products from Olga’s Organics, and guys.. I am in love!! As many of you are already aware, I am the number one mascot for team skin care (I realize that’s not a saying, but I apparently just made it one). I would much rather spend money on high end skin care products than on high end makeup. We need to take care of our bodies and skin ladies, they’re with us for life!

Upon realization of all the harmful and unnatural toxins found within popular makeup and skin care products, the founder of Olga’s Organics, Olga, decided to create her own natural beauty products at home. By doing so, she’s able to produce products that are USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Paraben Free, Petrolatum Free, BHA Free, Sodium Laureth Sulfate Free, Vegan, and most importantly never tested on our animal friends.

Below I’ve shared with you the products that I was sent, enjoy!

Olga’s Organics’ Loose Face Powder in Translucent

The first product I received in my package was their loose face powder that consisted of seven natural ingredients. Yes, you heard me correct, only seven ingredients. Amazing, right? I’ve listed these seven ingredients below for your convenience.

Photo: Jorja Coral Photography

 Let’s break it down!

  1. USDA Organic Lavender Essential Oil. This essential oil tones the skin and boosts circulation through cell renewal, while containing anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that fight bacteria which cause acne and inflammation. Thus, detoxifying the skin.
  2. USDA Organic Ginger. Ginger contains about 40 antioxidant compounds that protect against aging and nourishingly softens the skin by stimulating circulation. By applying it to your forehead, ginger is also a natural remedy for migraines!
  3. USDA Organic Cacao. Cacao actually protects the skin from harmful UV rays by acting as a natural sunscreen, all while containing vitamins C and Magnesium to keep the skin hydrated. The omega 6 fatty acids present in the cacao also help to heal wounds and scars- which is super neat!
  4. USDA Organic Nutmeg. Nutmeg is a natural astringent which provides relief from skin blemishes and acne, also delivering moisture to your skin- so you can have blemish free skin without the dryness, it’s a win-win!
  5. USDA Organic Arrowroot. Arrowroot is a light, soft, and absorbent powder that creates a smoother surface by enabling the skin to absorb moisture. It’s also rich with vitamins A and C!
  6. USDA Organic Cinnamon. Cinnamon helps to restore the shine and suppleness in the skin by removing dead skin cells, and the anti-bacterial properties fight skin dryness.
  7. Bentonite Clay. This clay includes over 50 minerals and causes accelerated healing and nourishment to the skin.

Olga’s Organics’ Loose Face Powder comes in three shades- translucent, light, and medium. As I regularly wear powders in the shade translucent, I decided to opt for that one. The powder is so fine that I barely noticed I was wearing any makeup at all- which is absolutely perfect for those of you who dislike the feeling of sporting face makeup! Definitely go check this product out!!

Olga’s Organics’ Kabuki Brush

Along with my loose face powder, I was sent Olga’s Kabuki Brush made with vegan fibres. And oh my goodness, don’t you just looove the softness and cleanliness of new brushes?!! You just can’t beat it. Well, not only are their brushes super DUPER soft, but they also promote sustainability. I’ll explain in point form below- because let’s be honest, point form is just so much more appealing to read!

P.s. Isn’t this quote detail on their packaging just adorable?

Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
  1. Bamboo Handle. By incorporating bamboo into the product, Olga is helping to reduce deforestation- as bamboo typically grows 25 times faster than other wood types.
  2. Good Quality. Kabuki brushes have to probably be my all time favourite brush type (if that’s even a thing), so I know a good brush when I see one. With no shedding and a solid handle, this brush is a must have for makeup application!
  3. Vegan Fibres. Olga not only creates vegan face and body products, but also applicators- so neat! Prior to coming in contact with her company, I never would have even thought there were vegan brushes out there. You too? Now that you know, go get one for yourself!
  4. Soft. I know I’ve already been over the brush’s softness, but it’s just SO soft!
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography

Olga’s Organics’ Whipped Body Butter in Lavender

Okay so this product has to be my favourite out of the three sent to me. Not to pick favourites or anything, but you’d understand to try it. It is absolutely WONDERFUL. There are far too many good things to say about this body butter, but I’ll link a few standout features below!


  1. THE SMELL. Um hello lavender, it’s ever so nice to meet you. If you’ve ever been to Thermea spa then you’ll be able to easily compare the scent to that of Thermea’s lavender body scrub. Yum. Oh, and did I mention the lavender oil is USDA organic certified?
  2. USDA Organic Certified. As stated above; and, obviously a huge bonus.
  3. Dryness Relief. I get extremely dry hands in the colder months and; as we are just coming out of freezing temperatures here in Manitoba, it is crucial that I have reliant skin care. For my first use, I put this product on on my hands and arms and left it over night. By the morning I felt like a new person- not literally, but you know what I mean. Everything was so soft and smooth. I don’t know this soft hands Quinn very well, but I already love her!
  4. Natural & Vegan Ingredients. I’ll quickly list off the ingredients found in this body butter so you can see why I’m so excited about this product.

Raw/Unrefined Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, Arrowroot Flour, and a proprietary blend of Non GMO Vitamin(s) and USDA Organic Essential Oil(s).

    Have you ever seen an ingredient list so appealing?? If you know me at all, you’ll know my love for coconut oil; I use it every night as my facial moisturizer (and for like a whole bunch of other things haha). The incorporated shea butter is a step up from just my jar of coconut oil; the coconut oil mixed with the shea butter is a match made in heaven!


I am so so SO happy with the turnout of these products, and I highly recommend Olga’s products to anyone and everyone. I’ll link her website here for your convenience, definitely go check out her natural makeup and body products!

*All photos are courtesy of Jorja Coral Photography.

*All products are courtesy of Olga’s Organics.

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Rodan & Fields’ Unblemish Review

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to be sent the complete Rodan and Fields’ Unblemish Kit to test out and review for you all! Prior to receiving my kit, I had for years been using Proactiv Plus’ three step line, and have found it to work extremely well with my skin type. I’ll link that review for you here. For those of you who don’t already know, Proactiv is a line of Rodan and Fields’ Products, so I was thrilled to try out their Unblemish line to see how it compared to Proactiv. My only issue with Proactiv (okay well besides the fact that it has stained more pillow cases and towels than I can count) is that it has a tendency to dry out my already very dry skin. BUT I must say that their newer line of Proactiv Plus has improved in the gentleness department. Either way, I was super excited to try Rodan and Field’s Unblemish kit because I was hoping it’d be more catered towards skin care than Proactiv- which it was! So, without further adieu, let’s get into the review.



Step #1: Unblemish Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash.319_17_UNWA125_M2

The very first step in the skin regiment is to wash your face thoroughly with Rodan & Fields’ Unblemish Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash. This wash, medically containing 3% sulfur, is said to unclog pores and reduce any visible redness. When first trying this product I was extremely surprised to learn of its purple colour- how fun!

Use: Making certain that your face is completely clean of any makeup residue, apply this wash on your entire face. Once soaked in, rinse away with water and pat dry with a towel.

Step #2: Unblemish Clarifying Toner.168_18_UNTN125_M2

The second step in Rodan & Fields’ Unblemish kit, is to apply their clarifying toner to the face using a gauze pad. This allows the pores to further unclog; revealing a cleaner complexion overall. Made without the use of alcohol, this gentle toner aids in the prevention of dry skin.

Use: After drying your face completely, apply the clarifying toner to your face’s entirety using a cotton pad. Once applied liberally, allow time for the toner to soak into the pores.

Step #3: Unblemish Dual Intensive Acne Treatment.Unblemish_NewDualIntensive

This was the final step included in my Rodan & Fields’ Unblemish kit; however, not the last step in my given skin care regiment to review. Containing 5% benzoyl peroxide, the Dual Intensive Acne Treatment helps to prevent future breakouts from developing.

Use: Once your face is dry of the toner, you’re ready to move onto this next step. Ensuring that your hands are clean, apply a small amount of product onto finger tips and massage into the skin. Making sure to cover all acne problem areas on your face.

*Bonus Step #4: Soothe Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30.SOSS050.jpg

In addition to the complete Unblemish kit I received, I was also sent the Rodan and Fields’ Soothe Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 30 to use as my daily facial moisturizer. I really love that it doubles as a sunscreen because it is ever so important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. I insisted on bringing this with me to the Dominican Republic to use as my facial sunscreen and moisturizer, and I am so happy that I did! This product not only protected my skin from the sun’s rays, but it also left my face feeling clean without any oily residue.

Use: Ensuring that your hands are clean, apply this product to your face’s entirety using your fingertips to massage the sunscreen into your pores. Thus, leaving your skin both moisturized and protected!

My Experience

One kit’s recommended usage given the supplied quantity is two months; however, with the gradual start I was able to utilize the regiment for a full three months. After using this kit for the three months, I found my skin to not only be cleared of any breakouts, but also to be healthier and softer. In fact, my skin just had this healthy glow to it- even Mitch noticed (and when he notices things like that you can be positive it’s working!). By comparing Proactiv and Rodan & Fields, I was able to determine the noticeable difference between the two skin care regiments. While Proactiv was solely acne targeted, Rodan & Fields was more catered towards skin care as a whole. My skin was softer, smoother, and overall healthier when using Rodan & Fields. However, for those with severe acne prone skin, I recommend using Proactiv’s acne eliminating system, as I found it to be tougher on acne. Below I’ve included some images displaying my face before, during, and after use.


As you can see, my skin before using Rodan and Fields’ Unblemish kit had a few mild blemishes and was fairly dull.

Enter a caption


During use, my skin experienced a small breakout (pictured below). However, this is a normal outcome to a change of skincare products, and subsided shortly after.


Ignoring the odd, green hue of my after photos, it is clear that my skin is now much more supple and glowy- and it’s all thanks to Rodan & Fields’ Unblemish Kit!!

If you’re a Manitoban reader, then make sure to check out Lesli Trottier’s web page. She’ll help you figure out which kit would be the best suited for your skin type, and give you all of the needed information for ordering with Rodan and Fields. Also, if you’re interested in a part-time, home based business opportunity, Lesli would be more than happy to further inform you of a career with Rodan and Fields. I’ll link her information below for your convenience!

*Featured image is courtesy of Camryn Elizabeth Photography.

*All product images are courtesy of Rodan and Fields.

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Sugi Tree Studio’s Candle Review

I was recently fortunate enough to come into contact with the very talented creators behind Sugi Tree Studio and participate in a collaboration. And guys.. I am simply obsessed!! I honestly don’t know where to begin this review because there are that many great things to say about the company. With this said, I’m going to try and pinpoint my favourite things in point form.

Before we begin I just want to share a bit of Sugi Tree Studio’s back story. As stated on their website: “Sugi Tree Studio, named after one of the oldest trees in the world, strives to make quality products that create a long lasting impact on our customers, the environment, and the charities we support. All of our products are hand-crafted in our Toronto studio and we take pride in the care and detail put into each and every one. We consider ourselves a team of conscious creators who make home and bath products that not only smell deliciously irresistible, but that promote sustainability, customer well-being, and support animals in need. Drawing inspiration from the world around us, we incorporate a variety of natural ingredients from around the world in our unique formulas!”.

Now let’s begin the review!!

Photo: Jorja Coral Photography

Natural Ingredients

Each one of Sugi Tree Studio’s candles are made of 100% soy wax blended with a small addition of beeswax, before infused with various essential and fragrance oils. Thus, enabling the candle to both burn cleaner and for more hours than those candles made using paraffin wax. Sugi Tree Studios also ensures that all of their fragrances are phthalate free!

Photo: Jorja Coral Photography


Oh my GOSH do their candles ever smell good!! As I was lucky enough to choose my own candle scent for this collaboration, I decided to go with their Moroccan Rose & Sea Salt scent from the Compass Collection. For those of you who know me it will be pretty clear why the Moroccan Rose & Sea Salt was my candle of choice; I am obsessed with floral scents. And boy, the scent from this candle did not disappoint; it was simply delicious!

P.S. Even Broccoli loves the scent!!

Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography

Re-purposed Jars

Each one of Sugi Tree Studio’s candles are poured into re-usable apothecary jars- allowing re-use of the jars. In fact, they’ve included a step by step guide on how to clean your jar once the candle’s burn life is over. They suggest the cute idea of re-purposing the jar as a vase! I’ll include that information here.

Cause & Donations (#CANDLEFORACAUSE)

As Sugi Tree Studio’s home and bath products are inspired by nature, the creators feel it both necessary and important to somehow give back to nature with each purchase. So, with every purchase made, 10% of their revenue is then donated to various animal and habitat rescue organizations. These hand chosen organizations include the Toronto Humane Society, Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue, Wildlife Rescue Association of BC, Ontario SPCA, and the World Wildlife Fund.

Photo: Jorja Coral Photography

Canadian Based & Created

As a Canadian blogger I was so excited to learn of Sugi Tree Studio’s Canadian identity! I love the fact that with each purchase I make through their company, I am supporting a local business as well as supporting local animal rescue programs and environmental sustainability.

Photo: Jorja Coral Photography

Animal Friendly

Sugi Tree Studio NEVER has and NEVER will test on animals; allowing customers to be more conscious consumers.

Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography

Ring Candles

Ring candles, need I say more? Sugi Tree Studio offers a wide variety of natural gemstone rings worth up to $5,000 within their ring candles. The best part is the unique ring designs- unlike other ring candle manufacturers, Sugi Tree Studio uses handmade gemstone rings from Hawkhouse Designs and ARTISUNtis. Their ring collection includes natural gemstone pieces from all over the world, such as quartz, amethyst, turquoise, and aquamarine, as well as rings that are gold, silver and rose-gold plated. Much more uniquely appealing than the costume jewelry found in other ring candles!

Pet Hedgehog

Okay so obviously I had to include this little tid bit. Not only does Sugi Tree Studio carry amazing home and bath products, but they also have a cute hedgehog!! As a hedgehog mother myself, I clearly needed to find a way to incorporate Broccoli into this photoshoot… and that is exactly what Jorja and I did.

Photo: Jorja Coral Photography

To conclude my review I would like to thank Sugi Tree Studio for the irresistibly delicious scented candle they sent me, as well as Jorja from Jorja Coral Photography for the cutest pictures ever!! I would also like to take this opportunity to recommend Sugi Tree Studio to anyone and everyone. Not only are their home and bath products made with impeccable quality, but they also give back to nature through the revenue made from each purchase. Make sure to check out their website here, and their Instagram here.

*All photos courtesy of Jorja Coral Photography.

*Candle courtesy of Sugi Tree Studio.

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Hit or Miss? Odd Tricks to Eliminate Pimples.

Oh how I don’t miss the endless acne treatment trials I experimented with my first year of University. I literally tried every insane home remedy to treat pimples I could find on Google. How naive I was to pursue an inconsistent skin care regiment. I only wish I could go back and tell myself the secret to clear skin: consistency. I’ve still decided to create a list of all the crazy things I tried, and all the results that came out of it. So, if you get the odd pimple, you can simply use a home remedy to fix it.  But please incorporate a recurring daily skin care routine. Here we go…

Toothpaste: Hit. Surprisingly, toothpaste actually reduced my pimples’ size overnight. I wouldn’t recommend using this as a routine acne treatment, but if you’re on the go and left your acne treatment at home- give it a go. It is definitely very drying, so prepare to over moisturize the following morning.

Turmeric: Miss. Okay so I had heard so many positive remarks regarding turmeric’s ability to treat acne. So, I googled a turmeric face mask recipe and got to work. If you don’t already know, turmeric is a seasoning used in cooking and is also highly pigmented. In fact, many individuals use turmeric as a natural food colouring in their cooking.  This being said, the mask was on for about 10 minutes.. which was 10 minutes too long.  Thus, leaving my face with a yellow, “Simpson- like” complexion… which lasted DAYS. Prior to use, I was aware of this consequence. However, I had reduced the amount of turmeric needed for the mask, and so I thought I would be safe. No. Not at all. I scrubbed my face to the bone and it was still yellow.  Since then, I in turn use turmeric in all of my savoury meals to help aid in the elimination of acne, and not directly on my face.

Witch Hazel: Hit. This product definitely does eliminate any pimples that you may have; however, it is extremely drying.  Thus, I do not recommend daily usage.

Honey: Hit. I love using honey in my homemade facial masks, as it’s both great for eliminating acne AND hydrating the skin. It’s a win-win.

Lemon: Miss. I know a lot of individuals see results with lemon juice, but I find many of the other mentioned tricks result in greater success. Lemon is also very drying and irritating to the skin. I found it left my face very red and very dry. Which, I would honestly prefer acne over.

Ice: Hit. If you wake up in the morning with a huge pimple on your forehead, I definitely recommend trying ice. I find that ice reduces swelling and overall redness; allowing makeup to easily cover the blemishes afterwards.

Eye Drops: Hit. This is one of my beauty secrets!! I have no idea how it works, or why I first tried it.. but it is ah-ma-zing. I wouldn’t say that it actually eliminates pimples, but it completely eliminates redness. Which, is very helpful while trying to conceal pesky blemishes with makeup.

Steam: Hit. I mean this one is probably a no brainer, but steam helps to open pores and allow proper cleansing. When I wash my face (after first removing my makeup of course) I allow the warm water to open up my pores before applying my facial cleanser. I feel like this truly makes a difference in the overall cleanliness of my face. After use I go ahead and splash cold water on my face; enabling the closure of my pores.

Rubbing Alcohol: Miss. My poor, poor skin. I cannot believe that I actually tried this method. Clearly I was desperate. Yes, it does eliminate pimples. Duh, it’s ridiculously drying, it pretty much just kills them on the spot. BUT it is terrible for your skin to endure and leaves your skin feeling dry and tight. No good.

Crushed Aspirin: Hit. This actually works pretty well for an overnight solution. Again, I don’t recommend daily use for this method. I simply cut open an aspirin and mix the inner powder with water. Then lightly apply it to the affected areas of my face with a q-tip. By morning the pimples will be gone.

Tea Tree Oil: Hit. Definitely works to eliminate the appearance of acne. Yet, also very drying. I love essential oils, so I had to include this one.

Aloe Vera: Hit. This trick does more to eliminate redness than eliminate the actual pimples, but it is all natural and it really does works.

Zinc: Hit. If you’re unfamiliar with zinc, it’s the “stuff” that lifeguards put on their nose to block sun rays. A lot of individuals with acne prone skin might actually have a zinc deficiency. And so, by taking zinc supplements, clearer skin can be obtained. Although I’ve never ingested zinc for any acne problems, I have used it topically and have seen results from doing so. By applying a zinc cream to the affected areas, the pimples will be extremely downsized by morning.

Thanks for reading! Comment below if you’ve tried any other odd pimple treating remedies!

Xo, Quinn


Origins’ 24 Hour Glow Box Set- Review

I’ve always loved Origins’ skin care products, so when I found out that they had created a box containing four of their must have items, I high-tailed it to Sephora.  This box includes Origins’ VitaZing SPF 15 Energy Boosting Moisturizer in sheer tint, Origins’ GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream, Origins’ Rose Clay Mask, and Origins’ High Potency Night-a-Mins Mineral Enriched Renewal Cream (that was a mouthful). Now this box offer was quite appealing to me, as I found the price to be extremely reasonable. A 1.7oz sized container of Origins’ High Potency Night-a-Mins Mineral Enriched Renewal Cream retails at about $55, where the entire box set including a 1oz sized High Potency Mineral Enriched Renewal Cream (as well as three other products) is priced at $55.  So, if you’re wanting a good sized sample kit of Origins’, I highly recommend purchasing their 24 Hour Glow box set. Now let’s get into the good stuff.

Origins’ VitaZing SPF 15 Energy Boosting Moisturizer in sheer tint: So I was initially really excited about this product, as I hadn’t tried it prior to my purchase of Origins’ 24 Hour Glow Box Set. However, this ended up being my only disappointment in the set. As an individual with fair skin, I found this product’s sheer tint to be way too dark for my skin tone. This cream uses colour identification technology to adapt to each individual’s skin tone- which is a super neat concept- but unfortunately it leaves my face in an orange mess. I definitely recommend trying this moisturizer if you have a medium to dark skin tone, but not if you’re fair skinned like myself. Apart from the discolouration, I found this to be a very hydrating moisturizer that would be great to wear as a light bb cream during the day.

Origins’ GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream: This is another product that I hadn’t previously tried, so I was excited to see how it compared to my Kate Somerville Eye Cream. I wanted to use this product for a couple weeks before writing a review to ensure that I had enough time to relay reliable results. I used this product every night, as well as every couple mornings. I didn’t wear this every morning because I felt that when I wore it with makeup my under eye concealer would crease. So far, I have noticed an improvement in the diminishment of my early morning under eye circles. I also found this product to be quite hydrating, which is great with all this cold weather.

Origins’ Rose Clay Mask: I can’t say enough good things about this product. It is definitely one of my holy grail masks, and I use it quite often. I loved this product prior to my purchase of the Origins’ 24 Hour Glow Box Set, and so I was super excited to discover it was one of the four items included. This facial mask leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft, and ultra clean. I definitely notice a difference in the overall complexion of my face after use; it leaves a gorgeously hydrated glow. Highly recommend!!

Origins’ High Potency Night-a-Mins Mineral Enriched Renewal Cream: Yet another product that has been on my favourites’ list for quite some time. If you’ve read some of my other posts, you probably already know that I have extremely dry skin- especially in the winter.  And so, this cream is the key element to my skin care routine. It is SO very hydrating, and it leaves my skin with a glowing complexion. It has an amazing citrus scent as well; which reminds me of Thermea Spa’s “Orange Room”. Sooo relaxing.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have any requests for other skin care reviews!!

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Kate Somerville’s Goat Milk Skin Care Line- Review

On a recent trip to Sephora, looking to pick up Origins’ new skin care bundle, I happened to use some of my Beauty Reward points for the Kate Somerville’s Goat Milk collection. Great decision on my part. I ADORE all of Kate Somerville’s skin care products, all the ones I’ve tried anyways. I’m sure I’ll love all the ones I have yet to try as well. In this kit I received Kate Somerville’s Goat Milk Moisturizing Cleanser, Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream, Goat Milk De-Puffing Eye Balm, and the ExfoliKate Gentle Exfoliator. Below I’ve listed individual reviews on the products included in this reward!

Goat Milk Moisturizing Cleanser

This cleanser is sooo gentle on the skin, making it perfect for those of all skiimg_6633n types. This product is great for use twice daily; once in the morning and once in the evening. I ensure to apply this product after I have first removed all of my makeup, as it allows all my leftover impurities to be cleansed. After use, it leaves the skin feeling refreshed and cleansed with an illuminating glow. I highly recommend giving this product a try if you’re looking for a new facial cleanser.

Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream

img_6635I was originally obsessed with Kate Somerville’s Nourish Daily Moisturizer, but once I tried this product I found it to be equally hydrating. To be completely honest, I’m really unsure which product I love more.  I have very dry skin, especially in these wintery months, and so finding a reliable moisturizer is of personal great importance. If you have the opportunity, I recommend trying both of these products this winter. Your skin will thank you.

Goat Milk De-Puffing Eye Balm

Are you ever tired of waking up with under eye bags? Wouldn’t it be the best to start the day glowing and awake (even if you’re not)? Kate Somerville’s Goat Milk De-Puffiimg_6636ng Eye Balm is the perfect solution to revitalize the eyes after a late night of studying/ partying/ Netflix. I generally apply this product to my under eye region each morning under my makeup; enabling its de-puffing magic. This product has never creased under makeup for me, so I wouldn’t worry about that factor. In fact, Kate Somerville claims that this cooling balm can be applied throughout the day over your makeup. I haven’t actually had the need to test this, so if you do end up trying this then let me know how it goes!


This is a staple item in my skin care routine, and it is completely true when they claim this product to be the first step to glowing skin. I don’t like to exfoliate my face on a daily basis, as I have fairly sensitive skin and I want to ensure gentle treatment. With this, I tend to exfoliate about 2-3 times per week. Although I love this product to bitsimg_6634, if I’m in the midst of an acne flare up I’ll choose to use my Proactiv Plus exfoliant instead of my Exfolikate. I’ve attached the link to my Proactiv Plus review here for your convenience. I’ll typically use Exfolikate once all my makeup is removed so that the product can properly engage with my skin; removing all unwanted impurities and dead skin cells. The beads contained in the solution for Exfolikate allow the dead skin cells to be easily removed, and the fruity ingredients then enable the removed dead skin cells to be dissolved. Whereas, other facial exfoliants only remove the dead skin cells from the face’s surface- not eradicating the impurities completely. After use, Exfolikate leaves my skin feeling refreshed, cleansed, and glowing. I would highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone!

Xo, Quinn


Black Friday Sales 2016

Happy Black Friday!! I’ll be updating you with newly launched sales all the way up until Cyber Monday (the 28th). That way, you can sort through all the best sales in one place. You’re welcome.

Let’s begin!


Clothing & Shoes


Probably my favourite pre-Black Friday sale thus far, well the one where most of my money went anyways. Today they launched up to 50% off SITE WIDE. Get shopping!!


Ahh I have been waiting SO long for them to launch their Black Friday sales. Today Reformation is offering 30% off SITE WIDE. They carry the perfect holiday looks and are eco friendly (bonus), go check them out!


Finally Zara has launched their Black Friday Sale!! Today take 30% off site wide, shop the link.

J Crew

Does 40% off your ENTIRE purchase sound appealing to you (use code holiday)? Click the link to redeem this amazing offer!!

J Crew Factory

Ummm 50%-60% off everything? Yes please!


Up to 40% off site wide!!


Today they offer an extra 20% off selected sale items, 30% off selected North Face styles, and up to 25% off Hunter boots.. mhmm.

Nordstrom Rack

The Rack is definitely offering up some better sales, like usual, with up to 75% off of clearance items!


Up to 50% off everything!

Victoria’s Secret

Free shipping on orders over $40 USD and 10% off orders of $100 USD, plus a $20 rewards card with a $75 purchase.

Banana Republic

Go ahead and take 50% off five regular priced items… Score!

BCBG Max Azria

Today they are offering 40% off SITE WIDE! Oh, they also threw in free domestic and international shipping. Now’s the time to get gifts for everyone you love.. and maybe even a little something for yourself! Shop the link.

Neiman Marcus

Up to 60% off site side, as well as an additional 33% off of sale items!

Neiman Marcus Last Call

Everything 40%-80% off, better hurry!! Click the link to shop!

RW & Co.

So RW & Co. is participating in a holiday-like countdown with a new sale offer each day (similar to the 12 days of Christmas). If you subscribe to their email list you’ll receive daily updates for their sale of the day. If you’d rather not receive all of their emails, you can always check in daily to see the newest offer. But if you see an offer you like be sure to act on it quickly, as it’ll only last for 24 hours. Today they offer 40% off select items in store and online!

Kate Spade

Kate Spade’s gifted us with a little Pre-Black Friday surprise sale with sale items up to 75% off, as well as 30% off your entire purchase with the code “THANKFUL”.

Club Monaco

Club Monaco is currently offering 25% off of orders $150 and greater, 30% off of orders $250 and greater, and 35% off orders of $400 and greater.

Shop Bop

Up to 25% off everything. Use code “GOBIG16”


Today they’re offering 20% off everything!

Top Shop

Top Shop has up to 50% off. Need I say more?

Ann Taylor

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Public Desire

Public Desire is offering 30% off site wide today (use code “CYBER30”)!! If you’re in the market for new winter booties, then this is your chance to save on all of this season’s cutest trends.

Sole Society

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Proactiv Plus- Review

For years now I have trusted Proactiv with my skin’s well being; I believe I first started using it at age 12. Of course, at that time I was using their original acne treatment line- which I find to be much harsher than their new Proactiv Plus line. I have a dry and sensitive skin type, which often worsens during an acne flare up (due to the drying chemicals found in the products I use to eliminate pimples). While Proactiv’s original acne treatment products cleared my skin up over night, it also left my skin feeling flaky and tight.. not to mention it also stained all of my towels and pillowcases. I didn’t want to have to choose between soft glowing skin and acne free skin; I wanted both. Thank heavens for Proactiv’s launch of Proactiv Plus.  This line not only eradicates any unwanted blemishes, but it also leaves my skin glowing. I’ve been subscribed to Proactiv Plus’ full three step kit for about three years now, so I’ll be able to give a trustworthy opinion on the products. Let’s begin!

Cleanse: Skin Smoothing Exfoliator. 

Medicinal Ingredients: Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%).

The first step to clear skin is this exfoliating cleanser. Proactiv suggests usage twice daily; however, as an individual with mild acne problems I only use this about three times per week (or more, dependant on my skin at the moment). I recommend greater usage to those of you with consistent acne issues.  I also highly recommend using a makeup cleanser prior to use. This product is designed to eradicate blemishes not properly remove makeup, and it can’t effectively do its job with the makeup barrier.  I like that I can feel this product working, as the exfoliants cleanse my pores of any unwanted impurities.

Treat: Pore Targeting Solution.

Medicinal Ingredients: Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%).

The next step is treating the affected areas. I apply this product generously to a clean and dry face.  This product is also great to use by itself when you feel a breakout coming on. I consistently see results the following morning after applying this product the evening prior, making for a quick resolution to break outs!

Repair: Complexion Perfecting Hydrator.

Medicinal Ingredients: Salicylic Acid.

LOVE this product. It was ever so smart of Proactiv to incorporate skin care into their acne treatments. Ahh finally. This product leaves my face looking super glowy, and I love a good healthy glow.  This is the product in the three step kit that ensures proper skin hydration, and I love its results.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding the Proactiv Plus’ acne treatment line down in the comments. Thanks for reading!

Xo, Quinn

My Chilly Weather Skin Care Routine

I have extremely dry skin, meaning it is essential that I continually follow a moisturizing skin care regiment… especially in the upcoming colder months! If I happen to miss even a single night of creams, I’ll awake in the morning with flakes galore- which is obviously no good. And trying to create a flawless makeup finish with dry skin is next to impossible! So, as you can imagine, dry skin is my arch nemesis.  With this, I very much value skin care.

Skin care is an important life investment. You only get one chance at maintaining a youthful complexion. I find it necessary to splurge on skin care treatments over any other luxury. In fact, if you have to choose between splurging on skin care or splurging on makeup, choose skin care. No matter how expensive your makeup is, if your skin’s a mess then your makeup will be as well. I cannot stress how important it is to take care of your skin. Ahhh.

If you’re looking to discover what should be incorporated into your daily skin care routine, look no further..

Morning: Cleanse & moisturize.

Evening (Now repeat after me): Remove makeup, cleanse, tone, anti aging treatment/ moisturize. Also exfoliating the face 2-3 times per week, and masks once a week.

Of course there are additional skin care steps different skin types should implement into their routines. For instance, when I have an acne flare up (or can feel I am about to have one for that matter) I will apply some Proactiv Plus Pore Targeting Solution to the affected area. This instantly minimizes the problem area by morning! I could go into such detail on how to maintain/ improve clear skin, but I’ll write a separate blog post regarding that matter as there is far too much to say!
Now, you may wonder “Quinn’s only 20 years old, why would she be using an anti aging treatment?” Welllll, a couple years ago I would have wondered the exact same thing, but I do have my reasonings. Think about how much easier it is to prevent wrinkles from forming, than from trying to erase them altogether once they’re already formed. Boom. Mind blown, I know. I’m not saying it’s necessary to wear a crazy amount of anti aging creams every night, but I do suggest to at least apply some to common wrinkle areas. I apply cream below my nose, to my under eyes, and my forehead.

So here comes the best part; the products I regularly use in my skin care regiment.


  • Cleanser:  Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser.  This cleanser is ever so gentle on my sensitive skin, leaving it feeling soft and clean. It also has a light cucumber scent, which I find to be quite relaxing.
  • Moisturizer:  Origins’ VitaZing SPF 15 Energy Boosting Moisturizer with a sheer tint or Kate Somerville’s Nourish Daily Moisturizer. I love the idea behind this Origins’ product; however, I’m still slightly on the fence. With an extremely fair skin tone, the colour targeting technology turns the cream a shade too dark for my liking. With this, I recently picked up Kate Somerville’s daily moisturizer.. which I am just loving! I highly recommend any and all Kate Somerville products. Perhaps this Origins’ sheer tinted moisturizer may work better on other skin tones, but I don’t recommend it for those with a fair complexion.
  • Under Eye Treatment de-puff:  Origins’ GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream or Kate Somerville’s Goat Milk De-Puffing Eye Balm. I find these products work best if I apply them both during the evening, as well as during the day.  However, I feel it vital to ensure daily application for noticeable results.
  • Lip Care:  Rosebud Perfume Co.’s RosebudSalve or Dior’s Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm (SPF 10!!).  Clearlyyy I have a thing for rose scented products. They make me ever so happy, as do smooth lips. Which is why I highly recommend both of these products. Dior’s Crème de Rose can be a bit pricey, retailing at $35, but is well worth it. If you’re looking to try something on the cheaper side, then I recommend opting for Rosebud Perfume Co.’s Rosebud Salve, which retails at $7.50.
  • Hand Care: Gold Bond’s Moisturizing Lotion with Aloe. Hello to the cold weather and hello to the cracked hands that come with it. I’ll keep this one short and sweet- use Gold Bond.


  • Makeup Remover: Coconut oil.  I mean you knew it was going to be in this post somewhere.  I am one of those individuals obsessed with coconut oil, as it just works wonders with my skin type. I occasionally use this as a LIGHT daily skin moisturizer under my makeup, but I probably wouldn’t recommend this for those of you with an oily skin type. Either way, coconut oil has proven its use in yet another way. In order to wipe my face clean of any makeup residue I generously apply the oil to both a cotton pad and my eye makeup; massaging it into my skin and eye region. I also enjoy using Sephora brand’s Rose Makeup Removing Wipes for those “I was at a party until 5am and have no energy to thoroughly remove my makeup but know that I still need to” kind of nights.
  • Cleanser: Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser. Once again I use this cleanser to remove any leftover impurities that my makeup remover may have missed.
  • Exfoliator (if necessary):  Proactiv Plus’ Skin Smoothing Exfoliator or Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment. The exfoliator I choose to use depends on my skin’s well being that day.  If I can feel that I am about to have a breakout (or already have one) I’ll go with Proactiv Plus’ Skin Exfoliator. If my skin is its normal self, I like to use my “Exfolikate” by Kate Somerville- it’s the first step to glowing skin of course ;). Both of these exfoliators effectively remove any dead skin I may have; leaving my skin rejuvenated and refreshed!
  • Mask (if necessary): Fresh’s Rose Hydrating Mask, Origins’ Rose Clay Mask, or Glam Glow’s Mud Mask are amongst some of my favourites. As you can tell I have a thing for clay and rose masks.. well just masks in general. Each Sunday (like literally each Sunday)
    I apply a mask before my nightly shower. There are far too many masks I’m in love with, so I’m going to save these details for a separate post!
  • Toner: Burt’s Bees’ Rosewater Toner. At this point you’re probably thinking “Really? Again with the roses??”.  I know, I have an obsession, it’s bad. Buuuuut rosewater toner is where it’s at.  It is the best toner I have ever used, and I really can’t see myself switching anytime soon. I’ve even gotten my mom hooked on it.
  • Acne treatment (if necessary): Proactiv Plus. I’ve used Proactiv since I was probably 12 years old, so I can safely relay that it works. However, I did find that the original Proactiv product to be quite drying. Although it diminished the appearance of pimples, it left my skin in a flaky mess! As an individual with naturally dry skin to begin with, I felt like I had to choose between clear skin and soft skin.. which was not what I was about to do!! Thankfully, Proactiv released their Proactiv Plus line. This line not only eradicates acne over night, but it also leaves your skin with a healthy, NOT DRY, glow.
  • Anti Aging Treatment: Clinique’s Superdefense Age Defense Eye Cream (SPF 20!). Now you can always combine this step with your moisturizing step, as there are a ton of wonderful anti-aging moisturizers.  If you would rather collaborate the two, I suggest trying Clinique’s Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturizer.
  • Moisturizer: Origins’ High Potency Night-a-Mins Mineral enriched Renewal Cream. This is a holy grail product oh my goodness! Every single person with dry skin needs to invest in this; it literally transforms your skin overnight. Not only does it leave my skin feeling healthy and soft, but it also smells amazing. Whenever I go out without makeup, this product leaves my skin with the healthiest glow! Warning: if you don’t like citrusy smells, then this product is not for you.
  • Lip Care: Carmex’s Classic Lip Balm, Rosebud Perfume Co.’s Rosebud Salve, or Dior’s Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm.  I prefer to use Carmex to repair my lips while I sleep, as I find it to be the most effective lip treatment product. Then, during the day, I like to use “prettier” lip balms- such as Rosebud Perfume Co.’s Rosebud Salve and Dior’s Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm.
  • Hand Care: Gold Bond’s Moisturizing Lotion with Aloe. Again, just trust me with this product.

For a more detailed review on the products, I will be posting individual review blog posts. So, stay tuned! For now, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading! Feel free to subscribe.

Xo, Quinn