The Inexpensive & Handmade Lingerie Brand you Need to Know!

Ever walk into Victoria’s Secret only to become heartbroken upon leaving? Yah, me too. Every. Single. Time. If it’s not because I left without that super cute $200 lace bodysuit, then it’s because I bought that super cute $200 lace bodysuit. Well, what if I told you that you could find gorgeous, hand made, and inexpensive lingerie pieces that mimic the designs of Victoria’s Secret online? (Geez that last sentence made me sound like an infomercial of some sort, I swear this post isn’t sponsored haha). Well, you’d probably say it’s too good to be true. But, it’s not!

The Etsy shop Lace Lab offers a variety of handmade lace pieces for extremely reasonable prices. Extremely reasonable prices as in lace bralettes from $11 and lace bodysuits from $30… Not only do they carry stunning pieces at low price points, but they are also constantly creating new lace and embroidery designs; so their shop is always updated. In addition to all this good shtuff, Lace Lab’s deliveries are unmatchably speedy. By the time my order (and there were multiple items in the shipment) was placed, it took a single hour for my package to ship, and only three days for it to arrive through international delivery! I know I’m not the only individual to notice their fantastic shipping, as many of their reviewers made comment of their quick shipments and deliveries too.

Definitely make sure to go check them out, and remember to keep checking back as they are constantly updating their stock! I’ll leave their link here for you. For now I’ve included some photos from a recent shoot with Kalina Denault Photography featuring two of Lace Lab’s handmade lace bodysuits. Enjoy!

































Unfortunately, Lace Lab no longer offers the two bodysuits pictured above; however, I’ll link some of my favourites from their current designs- here, here, and here! I’ve linked the pieces in order of the pictures below for your convenience.

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Xo, Quinn

Bootay Bag- A Monthly Undie Subscription!

Who wouldn’t love getting new undies in the mail each month… like, need I write more? Well, at least let me go into detail a little. Bootay Bag is an online monthly subscription that sends you undies (of your specified taste) each month! When first applying for the subscription, Bootay Bag will ask you to answer a series of questions related to your underwear preferences. Thus, allowing semi-customization. While offering undies at your doorstep, you also have the option to include a bralette in your monthly bag at an additional cost. I’ve included some pics of the Bootay Bag that I recently received, along with the cute undies I found inside. Go check them out!

Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography

Photos courtesy of Jorja Coral Photography.

*Disclaimer: Products were sent to me for promotional purposes.

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Winter Couple Photoshoot with Jozanna Theolynn

Another day, another couple shoot I drag Mitch to early in the morning. 7:30 in the morning to be exact. But what’s love if not to wake up early for each other, right? Funny enough, one of the most requested post topics I receive is that of couple shoots. People are just crazy about cute couple pictures, and I can’t really blame them. So; from now on, I plan to post the majority of the photos from Mitch and my shoots individually in addition to my fashion specific and themed posts. Prepare yourself for some ridiculously cute photos guys.

*All of these photos are courtesy of the very talented Jozanna Theolynn!!


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My Valentine’s Day Outfit

Ahh Valentine’s Day- the day we celebrate all things love. For me, that indicates Mitch. Although I believe in celebrating each other’s love daily, it’s still nice to set aside a day specifically catered towards it. And hey, if you’re single this Valentine’s Day there are other loves in your life to celebrate: food, friends, wine. Take your pick! Better yet, combine all three for a fun single ladies’ Galentine’s night out (or in!).

So whether you’re celebrating with your special someone, or with your friends, you’re going to need some outfit inspiration. Well, look no further! This Valentine’s Day I chose to wear a baby pink body suit with a white tulle midi skirt. I tend to wear pink every Valentine’s Day- I know, how stereotypical of me- but this Valentine’s Day I not only wore it in lieu of the holiday, but also because it’s the hottest colour of the season. If you’ve been following along with my blog and Instagram (if not, get on it girl!), then you may have noticed my slight obsession with this season’s pastel pink trend. Most notably, my pastel pink wool coat. I love the fashion faux pas rebellion of sporting pastels in the winter months; how daring. Check below for this year’s Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration and let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography

Sending special thanks to Mitch for letting me use him as a human prop (again), Oak and Lily for the stunning floral arrangement, and Jorja from Jorja Coral Photography for the absolutely stunning photos!!

P.S, if you’re wondering why the balloons seem to be deflating in the last photo, it’s because they are… helium and -30 temperatures don’t work well together!

Happy Valentine’s/ Galentine’s Day!

Xo, Quinn

Sentimental Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Sweetheart

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching I thought it would be appropriate to create a list of sentimental gifts to give your significant other. Over the years Mitch and I have exchanged various gifts that could just melt your heart- and so I’ve decided to share a few!

Firsts Canvas: Probably one of my favourite gifts I’ve ever given Mitch is this canvas pictured below. It is 100% customizable so you’re able to insert any memories you’d like. Your significant other will absolutely love it- I promise (Mitch actually started crying when he opened it.. he’s probably going to kill me once he reads this).


Video: For Mitch’s 20th birthday he had asked for a montage of me dancing (in case you didn’t already know, I kind of like to dance). So, by the time his birthday had rolled around, I had prepared a full iMovie document to present him with. Not only did I include pieces of choreography, but I also incorporated various videos of us within the film. To this day he says it’s the best gift he’s ever received (and yes, he cried then too- he’s just a big softy).

“Our Story” Novel: For one Valentine’s Day I gifted Mitch with a story- “our” story to be exact. Within the pages I included the details of how we met and how we came to be us. It’s such a thoughtful gift to give, and what a cute way to share with your future children how your family came to be. The website Love Book Online includes complete customization through covers, images, text, and more. Definitely go check them out!


Basket of His/ Her Favourite Things: This is the perfect gift for those who are difficult to shop for (everyone has that someone in their life). Stock up on your significant other’s favourite candies, chocolates, cologne, books, movies, etc., and place them all in one cute basket with a bow on top! They’ll appreciate the gesture, trust me. And if you want to up your gifting game you can always plan out a scavenger hunt scavenger hunt to lead them to the basket!

Custom Engraved Watch: This wooden engraved watch, purchased online through Cabany Co, was the gift I gave to Mitch this past Christmas. I love the look of the wood as a watch, as well as the option of customization. For Mitch’s watch I chose to engrave “I love you more every second- Red”, which made the gift that more special.


Your Time: Yet another great gift for those who are difficult to shop for is the gift of your time. Plan a whole day for just the two of you with some of their favourite activities. You’ll both have tons of fun and your sweetheart will swoon at how much effort and thought you put into their gift!

Stone Shadow Box: Okay so it was actually my mom that gifted this shadow box to Mitch and I for Christmas 2016, but I still really wanted to include it. I am honestly so in love with this idea as a gift for your significant other. My mom ordered this through Pebble Art by Denise and was able to personalize it to her liking through the entire creation process. I can honestly say that this is one of my favourite gifts to ever have received. It is the perfect statement piece for any home.


“52 Reasons Why I Love You” Cards: For our very first Valentine’s Day together I made Mitch a box full of homemade gifts. As we were in a long distance relationship at the time, a lot of the items were catered towards our memories. For instance, I took a deck of cards and on each card I wrote down one of the reasons I loved him. I did this so that he could look at them when he missed me and when he needed some love. Long distance or not, this is a gift that your significant other will truly appreciate. 

A Good Ol’ Fashioned Love Letter: Mitch and I started writing love letters to each other during our time in a long distance relationship, and now it’s become one of my favourite gifts to receive. It’s such a simple and inexpensive gesture of affection that your significant other will appreciate immensely. Don’t be afraid to get mushy gushy!

Couple Photoshoot: Looking for a gift that will last a lifetime? Plan a surprise photoshoot for your love. You’ll have fun being silly and romantic while creating lasting memories! The photos below are courtesy of the very talented Kalina Denault from Kalina Denault Photography.

Custom Pillows/ Towels: Another great gift idea is to personalize some pillows or towels for the both of you. This adds a personal touch of love to your décor- creating a home out of a house. For example, Mitch is obsessed with his Jeep (and Jeeps in general) so, I got him a Jeep inspired pillow. I also got us (okay, mostly myself) these Good Morning Gorgeous/ Hello There Handsome pillow covers for our bed- SO cute. Both of these pillow cases can be found through Etsy! As for the towels, Mitch had these personally engraved for our second anniversary- the traditional second anniversary gift is cotton.

I hope this list of gifts gave you some inspiration for your significant other this Valentine’s Day. I always find that inexpensive gifts from the heart are far more special than expensive gifts (but that’s just my opinion).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Xo, Quinn

How Mitch Asked Me to be His Girlfriend

September 27th, 2014 at approximately 12:30am. Oh how I wish I could relive this day, this moment in time, this feeling. That was the day my best friend flew to Kingston, Ontario in hopes of making me his girlfriend- he succeeded.

As soon as Mitch’s flight arrived at the Kingston Airport I rushed into his arms. Never had I missed someone so much in my life. It had only been three weeks since he had “road tripped” me out to Ontario, but when you’re used to see someone practically every day three weeks can feel like forever. Once we had arrived back at the apartment, Mitch had suggested we head to the rooftop to star gaze. Of course I happily obliged. My apartment building was located in view of Lake Ontario; making the moment picturesque. We danced under the stars until Mitch pulled me
to the corner of the building (pictured above) and asked me to be his girlfriend.

Five years of friendship and two years of dating later I’m still madly in love with the same boy, who has now become a man. I can remember the exact moment I knew I was in love with him. I was 15. Never had I ever experienced the feeling of pure love up until that point in my life. To think Mitch reciprocated these feelings and this experience. The rarity of being each other’s first loves, as I was his and he was mine, is surreal. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that. And how special it is that I’ve had the opportunity to watch the freshly, 17 year old boy I met five years ago turn into the mature 21 year old man he now is.

I am so lucky.

*Photo below courtesy of Kalina Denault Photography.


Xo, Quinn


Coping with a Long Distance Relationship

As many of you may already know, Mitch and I endured a long distance relationship a couple years ago. As I was attending Queen’s University on campus in Ontario, Mitch was residing back in my hometown of Lockport, Manitoba. Mitch and I had been best friends prior to my move to Ontario, and I wondered how the move would affect our relationship.  We both always knew there was something more than friendship between us; in fact, we had previously dated a few years back. I didn’t realize the feeling then, but now I know that what I felt was love towards him.

It wasn’t until after my move to Ontario did Mitch jump on a plane in hopes of making me his girlfriend (he succeeded).  Starting a relationship off long distance was far from easy.  The craving for each other’s presence left us both in tears a lot of the time. However, through my year living a province apart from Mitch, we were able to find strategies to cope with the emptiness we felt. Below I’ve listed various feelings that I had felt during my time away from Mitch, as well as the coping strategies I used to handle these issues.  In no way, shape, or form am I an expert on long distance relationships- but I did successfully live through one! What I can positively state is that whether you’re in a long distance relationship or not, make the most out of the time you spend with the one you love.  Oh! And appreciate all the little things- because I heard those are the big things in the grand scheme of it all.

Feeling Distant from His Life 

Of course I wanted him to enjoy his life away from me, but I couldn’t help but feel isolated from him every time he made memories without me.  I wanted to be the one he created memories with, and I was insanely jealous of everyone who was able to spend the time with him that I couldn’t. This is where communication becomes vital. Each evening we ensured to speak with each other either on the phone, or through Skype, and tell each other every important (and semi important) detail of our day.  This way, we felt as if we had been right beside each other.  Hearing each other’s voices was a very important aspect of our relationship.  When I’d have a bad day, just knowing that I’d be able to go home and hear his voice later gave me all the ambition I needed to pursue the remainder of the day. We also constantly texted one another.  Now I realize that this may not be the most appealing strategy for a lot of couples, but it did help our relationship a lot. I’m solely shedding light into my personal experience, I recommend doing whatever you’re comfortable with.

Missing “Normal” Dates

Considering we formed our relationship whilst living in separate provinces, we really missed out on the new relationship excitement.  I can remember just longing to hold his hand; unable to due to the kilometres between us. How often I just wanted to jump on the next flight out, or drive all through the night and day to simply see him. In order to conquer these urges, we came up with multiple ideas to replace the average “date night”.  First, we would still have date nights, I mean why not! We would both get all dressed up to have dinner with each other. But, instead of Mitch coming to pick me up, we would sit down and Skype with each other. I especially remember the Skype dinner date where Mitch had flown out and surprised me at my apartment door.  I will cherish that memory for a lifetime. Second, we would send each other surprise packages through the mail.  Whether it was delivered flowers, letters, or football shaped toasters (yes, I thought I was clever sending Mitch a football toaster); receiving those little surprises made our countdowns pass quicker. Third and lastly, we would often Skype during movies or t.v. shows.  Thus making it seem as if we were an ordinary couple having a movie night.  By keeping up with the same shows, or watching movies “together”, we had yet another topic to chat about during our lengthy phone calls.

Unable to Comfort Each Other in Person

I remember just feeling helpless when Mitch would have a bad day, and it really took a toll on me. It’s not that I was incapable of happiness without him, but no one wants to see their loved ones upset.  All I wanted to do was be there for him. Be the person to give him a hug and bring him some of his favourite goodies, but I couldn’t.  Not physically anyways.  For me, that was the toughest challenge in our long distance relationship. We came to the point where we would fall asleep with each other over Skype every night.  The white noise silence was comfort enough, just knowing that I wasn’t alone.

Fear of Infidelity

To be completely honest, I was never once worried that Mitch would be unfaithful to me. As his best friend, I knew him for the person he was before we seriously started dating. I would never be with someone if I didn’t trust their morals. I understand that jealously is a normal trait to carry, especially in a long distance relationship.  But, with proper communication, reassurance can be obtained. So be completely transparent with each other; tell each other all of your concerns. Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Thanks for reading!

Xo, Quinn

10 Cheap Autumn Date Ideas

Mitch and I (alright, mostly myself) have become extremely frugal on our pursuit in buying a house. In order to keep the romance alive without breaking the bank we’ve come up with a list of cheap date ideas (that do not include Netflix). This one in particular is catered towards Autumn, as I adore seasonal activities. Enjoy!

  1. Horseback Riding. Oh how I love the colours in the fall, and what better way to enjoy them than taking a gander by horseback.  According to Bird’s Hill Provincial Park Ranch, $25 can get you an hour trail ride AND a steak dinner. I realize this isn’t necessarily the “cheapest” cheap date, but I couldn’t not include it.
  1. Picnic. Why not pack up a blanket and basket and head on down to a visually appealing location for a picnic with the one you love!  Picnics are possibly my favourite date; not only do you get to spend quality time with your love in a beautiful setting, but you also get to do it for little to no cost.  I suggest choosing a clearing next to a body of water if possible. We typically take our picnics to River Road, but we occasionally picnic at the cabin as well.
  1. Bike Rides. What a great way to both spend quality time with each other and exercise.  We personally enjoy biking in Birds Hill Provincial Park.  The colourful autumn leaves falling amongst you is mesmerizing.  Don’t have your own bike? Rent one! “Bee 2gether Bikes” rents bikes by the hour at the Forks’ Market in Winnipeg. You can score a cute tandem bike for $20 an hour, perfect for a date!
  1. Pine Ridge Hollow. Okay this one is particularly specific as it’s my all time favourite restaurant.  If you’ve never been there, it’s located both just off of Garven Road and within Bird’s Hill Provincial Park. I find it to be the most beautiful in the Autumn months, as the surroundings are so cozy and colourful.  Here you’re able to enjoy a meal off of their delicious menu- that has been prepared by a phenomenal chef.  Or, if you’re looking for a less expensive option, then I recommend visiting their petting zoo and browsing their furniture shop.  They always carry the most intriguing home furnishings; I fall in love with something every time I step foot in there.  And their animals are the cutest- make sure to check out the baby goats if you do visit.
  1. Attend Amateur Football Games. Oh how I love football games in the fall. There’s just something about the chilly air and hot cocoa that make the games so enjoyable.  Most of the time admittance is free to amateur football league games.  It’s the perfect excuse to cozy up together with a big blanket on the stands! Ratherdsc05292-2 be the one playing the sport? Play football together; tackling each other in the leaves.
  1. Visit Local Pet Shops. Mitch and I have been doing this for years now and it’s still our go to activity. If neither of us can think of an outing, we’ll just head to Petland. Over the years I think we’ve probably visited every pet shop in Manitoba and Ontario, and each time we leave the pet shop heart broken that we can’t take another animal home. This is a great date idea for the couple that loves animals!
  1. Read a Book Together. Each evening after we’ve brushed our teeth and washed our faces, Mitch and I cuddle up in bed and read a book together.  Currently, we’re reading the Wealthy Barber’s second novel “The Wealthy Barber Returns” (which I highly recommend- visit the finance page for more details regarding this book and author).  By reading a book together we are able to expand our individual knowledge- simultaneously.
  1. Feed the Ducks. Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg has a lovely area for feeding the ducks.  Pack up some appropriate duck food (I hear that bread isn’t the healthiest option for ducks- so opt for grapes instead) and visit the park! Spend the day walking around with each other; viewing all the beautiful gardens and fall colDSC04829-2.jpgours that the park has to offer.  Why not create a large leaf pile to jump in while you’re at it!
  1. Have a Bonfire. Yet another one of my favourite fall activities. Make a fire to cuddle up to either in your yard, or at the local park. You can spend the night cuddled up telling spooky stories. Don’t forget to pack some s’more ingredients!
  1. Do Crafts Together. In lieu of Halloween, find some crafts you can do together.  In addition to our annual pumpkin carving tradition, we also incorporated pumpkin painting to our Halloween festivities. I recommend you to give this one a shot!

*Featured photos courtesy of Kalina Denault Photography.


Xo, Quinn