15 Romantic Date Ideas Perfect For Fall!

Honestly, who doesn’t love autumn? I couldn’t live in a place that didn’t have autumns. The falling leaves, crackling bonfires with hot cocoa in hand, pumpkin patches, and chunky knit sweaters are all what make the season one of my all-time favourites. And oh how I wish it would last just a bit longer. So many of my favourite outings take place in the fall, which is exactly what inspired today’s post. Every single autumn I drag Mitch around to all of the activities on my “fall bucket list”, he may complain at times but I know he secretly loves it. There are just so many possible dates to be had in the wonderful season of crisp air and pumpkin spiced lattes. So many in fact, that I decided to create my very own list for you and your sweetheart. Keep reading for some perfect fall date ideas!


1. Pumpkin Patch!

As previously mentioned above, pumpkin patches perfectly exemplify the spirit of autumn… so obviously it had to be the very first point on the list. Not only are pumpkin patches perfect for photo ops, but they also give me alllll of the fall feels, and have I mentioned how much I love this season? So apply a plum lip, add a felt hat to your look, and grab a wagon of pumpkins with your honey.


2. Park Picnic.

Bike riding through the falling leaves to find your perfect picnic spot is not only scenic, but also super romantic. Lay out a plaid blanket and your picnic spread, and just enjoy each other’s company. Take advantage of some down time with some good old fashioned conversation. Who knows, you might even learn something new about your boo.


3. Corn Maze.

Corn mazes are always super fun for Mitch and I, and I don’t even think that we’ve ever successfully completed one. We always just end up going back the way that we had entered haha. But I guess sometimes you need to get lost to be found (too cheesy?). Nonetheless, it’s the perfect place to steal a few kisses, and no one will ever know.


4. Cuddle Up To A Bonfire.

This actually has to be one of my ABSOLUTE favourites. The sound of the crackling fire, the light dew beginning to arrive for the evening, and the sweet, sweet taste of s’mores and hot cocoa. So bundle up with your love, and get close because it’ll probably be a chilly one.

5. Halloween Party.

I mean, what is fall without the excitement of Halloween, am I right? How fun would it be to go costume shopping with each other, and picking out a coordinated look before hitting up a spooky gala.

6. Re-Watch Your Halloween Favourites!

You know the ones I’m talking about; Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Yah, they’re kind of a tradition, and also kind of a big deal when it comes to fall.


7. Bake Some Goodies.

Chilly weather is the perfect time to break out the ol’ mix master and bake up something sweet (and preferably something pumpkin) with your luvah. Add in some apple cider or hot cocoa, maybe a cozy blanket, and you’re set- just try to keep the flour IN the bowl, and the icing OUT of your mouth (well, it’s okay if some just so happens to end up in there).

8. Haunted House.

No better way to cozy up to your bf than through a good scaring. And haunted houses are just the thing for that. Make it a double (or a triple) date if you’re too chicken to face the ghosties just the two of you.


9. Jump In A Leaf Pile.

Okay so Mitch would definitely argue this date idea, considering he once jumped into a leaf pile full of dog poop at one point in his life, and has never gotten past it. Buuuut regardless, I still think it would be a super cute date idea- just make sure to check the leaves that you’re raking into the pile before you jump!


10. Apple Picking.

A fall tradition for many, I picture apple picking as the perfect autumn afternoon. I only wish that I knew of more apple orchards in Manitoba that allow people to come and pick their own. So, if you know of any, hit me up in the comments below!

11. Star Gazing.

Another favourite of mine, and all-year round that is (even in the winter). Throw a blanket down in the bed of a truck- or an SUV with the back door opened, it works great too- and bundle up with the one you call yours. You two can spend the evening trying to find different constellations and debating over the existence of other life forms.

12. Scary Movie.

I mean, obviously. Scary movies are kind of a no brainer during the month of October. And they give you yet another excuse (not that you need one) to cuddle up.

13. Hike.

Every autumn season at the cabin I so look forward to hiking up to the top of the rocky hill down my road. Take turns helping each other up the rocky sides and sneak in a few kisses here and there. Once you get to the tippy top, the scenic view is breath taking with all of the changing colours, and SO worth the trek up.


14. Hit Up A Football Game (Orrrr play one!).

I mean, this is how Mitch and my romance started, I couldn’t NOT include it. Plus I actually really do love watching live football games, note my exaggeration on “live“. T.V. football is just not in ya girl’s vocabulary. But being there in person in the crisp autumn climate, filled with the aroma of hot chocolate, and the hug of a warm blanket is just my cup of tea- ESPECIALLY when a certain handsome guy with the number 51 on his back is the one on the field scoring all the sacs (which, I still think involves one player hitting the other player in their sensitive area down below. Woops. Maybe one day I’ll learn).


15. Carve Some Pumpkins!

Last, but certainly not least, head to your local farmers’ market and pick up some pumpkins for carving. Carve one together as a team, or try your luck at a pumpkin carving contest to see who can make the scariest jack-o-lantern!

Mitch and I try to check each one of these date ideas off the list each and every autumn season- I mean for us, it wouldn’t be fall without our traditions. And I know that September can be a busy month with University starting back up, or the kids going back to school, but do try and make some time for just you and your love. Autumn can be quite the romantic season, so make the best of it (it doesn’t last long)!

Oh! Annnnd I would love to hear any fall date ideas that you guys might have, so drop them in the comments below for me to read. For now though, light a pumpkin scented candle, steep some apple cider, throw on a Halloween classic, and cozy up to your boo (haha, see what I did there?) because IT’S AUTUMN, BABY!

Xo, Quinn

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