Our Anniversary & Gift-Giving Traditions

In lieu of Mitch and my 4 year anniversary, I decided to create a post all about our very special gift-giving tradition. Each year that we celebrate another year, Mitch and I align our gift choices with the traditional anniversary gift ideas. These traditional anniversary gifts consist of various fabrics and materials; each year designated a specific element. For example, the first anniversary’s traditional gift is of paper, and so Mitch and I honoured that by writing each other love letters. Each year has its own special gift requirement; which has become something that Mitch and I look forward to discovering each anniversary.

This year, the fourth year, actually had a few different options to choose from- those of which being linen, silk, fruit, or flowers. All things which I just so happen to LOVE. Coincidence? I think not! For this year’s gift, Mitch picked me up some pearlescent silk pillow cases- something I have been eyeing for quite some time; the skincare guru that I am. I mean it makes sense to sleep on something that has your skin’s best interest in mind. You do spend about 8 hours a night (or 10 hours in my case) with your face pressed against your pillow, so why not practice skincare in your sleep at the same time. As for my gift to Mitch, I was originally leaning towards picking him up some linen shirts (although he already has about a bazillion of them); however, due to the late seasonal nature of our anniversary, it was quite the struggle to find decent linen shirts in stock. With this, I then opted for a few silk ties in colours and patterns that I felt really complemented his personality and style.

All in all our anniversary was another brilliant success that was filled with both laughs and love- what else could I have asked for?

If you and your love are also interested in partaking in traditional gift giving, I’ll include each year’s gift requirement below (up until 25, because that’s already older than I am haha). Alsooo, by the 15th year, the gifts begin to skip 5 years at a time- my guess is that it’s due in part to the continuous price increase on the materials.

1ST YEAR: Paper
2ND YEAR: Cotton
3RD YEAR: Leather
4TH YEAR: Fruit & Flowers, or Linen & Silk
5TH YEAR: Wood
6TH YEAR: Iron / Candy
7TH YEAR: Wool / Copper
9TH YEAR: Pottery
10TH YEAR: Tin/ Aluminum
11TH YEAR: Steel
12TH YEAR: Silk
13TH YEAR: Lace
14TH YEAR: Ivory
15TH YEAR: Crystal
20TH YEAR: China
25TH YEAR: Silver


So yah, there are our anniversary gift-giving traditions. Apart from gifts, Mitch and I don’t necessarily have any other major traditions for our special day. I mean, of course we try and spend as much of the day together as possible, but it’s not like we’ve done the same thing for four consecutive years. However, if you and your boo have any unique or interesting anniversary traditions or gift-giving quirks, let me know in the comments- I’d love to hear them!

Also, I am still SO obsessed with these couple photos that Janice Wiebe Photography shot for us. This shoot was over a year ago and they are still some of my favourite photos that Mitch and I have together. This past summer I finally blew a couple of them up, and now have them included in my photo wall- I always get so many compliments on them. If you live in Manitoba make sure to hit up Janice for some of your own adorable couple photos. Come to think of it, a couple photoshoot would be the sweetest and most thoughtful gift idea for your loved one!

For now though, thanks for reading and I’ll chat with you soon!

Xo, Quinn

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