OOTD: Ruffled Skirts & One Shouldered Shirts

Today’s outfit of the day just has to be one of my all time favourites from this autumn season. Everything about it screams fall chic, and it’s the perfect transitional look with the skirt’s length and the one-shouldered sweater. Additionally, I love the skirt’s navy shade and ruffled detail. As a redhead, and with my skin’s pale nature, I’ve always felt more comfortable in off-shades of black that aren’t so harsh on my complexion. Which is why, navy has always been one of my go-to’s. Well that, and I find it perfectly complements my red hair. I speak often about which colours I allow into my wardrobe and which I do not, and how I’ve slowly become more and more open to the addition of shades in which I’ve previously avoided- yellow, for instance, has been a major break through for me this past couple seasons. Which the ever popular mustard shade trend, I couldn’t not at least dip my toe into.

For today’s shoot, Mitch and I trudged through a ditch on the side of a highway just to get to the yellow-est and most fall-esque patch of trees I could find- oh how I wonder why Mitch puts up with me (I guess you can say I tend to be a bit high-maintenance every once and a while). Also, can we just stop and appreciate how much Mitch’s photography skills have improved? His endless support and effort means the world to me. But enough with the mushy gushy stuff, let’s get back to today’s look. Keep scrolling for all of the photos from this shoot and for all of the deets on my #OOTD.


What I Wore

Ruffled Maxi Skirt- JCrew (same skirt in different patterns here and here)

One Shouldered Sweater- Mango (same, but less expensive here)

Leopard Print Loafers- Kate Spade (similar here and here)

Thanks for reading loves, I hope today’s look served as some autumn inspiration. Like I said, it is one of my favourites this season, and both the sweater and the skirt are SO versatile- I have been mixing and matching them with everything!

Until next post…

Xo, Quinn

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