The Minimalistic Nails of Your Dreams

Hello friends, I hope you’ve all been enjoying the vitamin D on this sunny February day. Today I have a bit of a different post I’d like to share with you… Nails nails nails. I do love myself a good set of freshly manicured hands, which is why I was overjoyed to discover Erika and her wicked nail design powers. I’ve never ever posted anything on Darling in Scarlet regarding nails, which makes this post just a bit extra special.

Keep scrolling to check her work out below!


Isn’t this minimalistic and neutral manicure not the cleanest and most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? Seriously, they were the perfect accent to all of my V-Day looks this season, and they also got me a ton of compliments. In fact, upon arriving home from the salon, my mom attempted to mimic Erika’s designs on her own nails (haha)!






So, in addition to Erika’s talented nail design skills, she also specializes in Russian cuticle work. Now never have I ever had a manicure that left my cuticles and nail beds in tip top condition like they were after my appointment with Erika. For at LEAST a week after my manicure, I was honestly in disbelief with just how flawless my cuticles were, and I couldn’t stop trying to find an imperfection with them. It really shows just how much effort and professionalism she puts into her nail art and overall work. I would very highly recommend her to anyone and everyone looking to have their nails done!

Thanks To….

Erika for the stunning manicures.

Jorja Coral Photography for the amazing photos, as always

Fiori Floral Atelier for the fresh blooms

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, make sure to go check out some of Erika’s other nail designs, I’ll link her Instagram page for you all here (go give her some love!). And keep posted to Darling in Scarlet, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Erika’s work to come!

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Xo Quinn

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