My Valentine’s Day Looks- 2018

Ahh Valentine’s Day. Whether you love it or hate it, I have the perfect look for you. In all honesty, Mitch and I tend not to buy (pun intended) into the commercialized aspect of V-Day. We know we love each other, and I’d rather we save money together for our future, then on junk food and teddy bears. I mean I’m always game for a gorgeous bouquet of florals, but I’d much rather have Mitch bring home flowers on a day where he’s not motivated by societal norms. With this said, I should probably clarify that I do not in any means hate Valentine’s Day; I guess you could say I just love it so much that I believe it shouldn’t be isolated to one single day a year. And let’s be honest, this world of ours could use a lot more love.

Also, side note, on the day of our Valentine’s shoot Mitch was called into work last minute and; therefore, is absent from the photos- BUT no worries, everything is all good in the hood, he was just unavailable to shoot and, as he’s on call 24/7, it is extremely difficult to plan things with him in advance (or at all). I just felt that I needed to clarify that for you all before I was flooded with messages.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, let’s turn to this year’s Valentine’s Day outfit choices. Last year, like every year in the past, I turned to pink (surprise, surprise). However, I felt like switching things up a little bit this year, and I stepped out of my comfort zone with a few unusual V-Day looks. All looks of course would be the perfect staples to any V-Day or Galentine’s Day plans.

Look #1



So if you don’t already know Shauna from Mesmereyezd Makeup, you need to get on it asap because you are missing out BIG TIME. She is that kind of person that everyone needs in their life; her bubbly personality is infectious, and she has the ability to instantly brighten your day… oh, and did I mention she’s a makeup wizard (see above for proof)?

Wow. With all this mushy gushy talk I feel like Shauna should just be my Valentine this year (sorry Mitch!). But I’m getting off topic; let’s just take a second to a) appreciate how well Jorja photographs portraits and makeup looks and b) appreciate how flawless Shauna’s makeup application is- she makes me feel like a real princess every time. The subtle eye and brighter pink lip made for the perfect V-Day look, and it paired so lovely with all of my ensembles.




And of course, none of my looks are quite complete without one of Danille’s fabulous hairstyles. I know I say this all the time, but I am so incredibly amazed and grateful for all of the talented individuals that I have the opportunity to work with. My blog would be no where near where it is now without their help and support. Danille, of course, is one of those many talented individuals that I have the opportunity to work with. Stay tuned for our fun and different upcoming collab on Darling in Scarlet, you’re not gonna want to miss it!


A HUGE shoutout goes to Fiori Floral Atelier for the beautiful blooms. These luxury roses are packaged in their signature hand crafted box, and come with a personalized note. Any girl would be in awe after receiving these beauties- I know I was (guys, take note…. *Mitch* cough* cough*). The featured set above is their “Bianca Bouquet“, which you can read more about here.












Look #2

For the second look, I was fortunate to collaborate with Metisu and bring you this stunning white crocheted dress. Paired with some pink satin pumps and a bold pink lip, this look was complete. I guess my pink Valentine’s theme did continue into 2018 (can you blame a girl?).








Look #3

Last, but certainly not least, I really wanted to include this fun floral pinafore dress in with my 2018 V-Day looks. By adding a simple white ruffled top, some nylons, and black booties, this look was complete. This pinafore dress from Frank and Oak Women honestly gives me life; the floral pattern is stunning, and the quality is next level. I chose to pair it with nylons and booties for a more casual feel; however, by incorporating a nice blouse and a pair of pumps it could easily be dressed up. This dress is honestly one of the only (if not THE only) four season staples that I own- Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter- I wouldn’t be afraid to rock this pinafore throughout the year!









Jorja, Jorja, Jorja. What can I say? These photos speak for themselves. Recently I took up photography (but like not really), and it just made me have an even greater appreciation for Jorja’s talent. I’m slowing learning, but there’s no way that I’ll ever get close to her skill level… if you haven’t yet noticed, her portraits are insane, and don’t get me started on the lighting she always seems to capture. Love her photos, love her!




What I Wore

Look 1: Tulle Dress, Nude Pumps, Florals

Look 2: Crochet Dress, Satin Pink Pumps

Look 3: Floral Pinafore Dress (sold out, jean one here), Ruffle Top (similar here), Nylons, Ankle High Boots

Thanks To…

Photos: Jorja Coral Photography

Hair: Danille

Makeup: Mesmereyezd Makeup

Nails: Erika

Florals: Fiori Floral Atelier

Floral Pinafore Dress: Frank and Oak Women

Tulle Dress: Chic Wish

Crochet Dress: Metisu

If you’ve made it this far, thank you so much for reading! This post was so much fun to create for you all, and I have a lot more coming your way so stay posted!

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Xo, Quinn

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