How to Style Pink this Fall

Pink has always been my favourite colour, but it definitely hasn’t always been my favourite colour to wear. I’ve always said that a girl’s favourite colour is likely to vary from the colours she typically wears. Prior to the last couple of seasons, this was more than true for me; I used to always try to restrict my wardrobe to ‘redhead’ friendly shades. Other redheads alike will most certainly understand where I’m coming from with this notion. Regardless, red hair or not, every girl probably has an idea of the colours that look the best on them. So as much as I loooooved pastel pink, I didn’t dare wear it… until recently that is. Once baby pink came into trend, I finally found the courage to branch out of my colour comfort zone. Similarly is true regarding this fall’s colour trend of mustard. I swore I would never ever ever ever wear any shade of yellow- in order to refrain from becoming a walking and talking vegetable medley; orange hair and yellow clothes reminded me a little too much of carrots and corn for my liking. The point of this story is to branch out of your fashion comfort zones; you’ll be surprised with what you’ve missed out on and now love.

For today’s post, I’m sharing one of my favourite pink looks from this Autumn 2017 season. A cozy mock neck sweater paired with a pink faux leather skirt? How can you go wrong. And the metallic slides are just the cherry on top.




I searched high and low before I finally came across this sweater- which is exactly what I had been looking for! I find it so tricky to find mock neck sweaters, without the visible seam line at the neck, and without any wool content (because I can’t wear wool without ferociously scratching at myself like a fool the whole time), for a reasonable price. Thankfully I came across this beauty of a knit on Asos, and immediately snatched it up. It’s definitely been one of my go-to items this fall!



Aren’t these rose gold metallic slides just the cutest? I found them at Marshall’s on sale for $20 and I couldn’t resist. Sure they’re end of season, but I’m certain I’ll still get some use out of them next year seeing how the trend’s progressing!


Believe it or not, I actually snagged this pearl clutch from the thrift store. I’ve always slightly been afraid of thrifting- the smell, the stains, the interesting characters- and in the past, I never seemed to have any luck finding treasures. It wasn’t until I saw one of my photographer friends (shoutout to Michelle Heppner Photography) sporting a killer coat from the Salvation Army, that I decided to give thrifting another go. And thank goodness I did, or else I wouldn’t have found this super trendy clutch! I mean, I feel like thrifting is always a hit-or-miss activity, but when you do find some gems, it seems to make up for all the “misses”.


Isn’t Mitch such a cutie? If you missed my recent post of our couple shoot, I’ll link that here for you!!







As cute as this skirt is, I have to be honest and state that this was my very first time wearing it… and the zipper broke. I’ve always been super hesitant of Zaful’s quality, even though I have had some good experiences with them in the past, and this seemed to prove that hesitation. Their products are extremely low priced, though, so I can’t really complain too much, especially considering they had gifted me the skirt for promotional purposes. I just want to be completely transparent with my readers by clarifying the facts and circumstances of the matter. I really appreciate all of your support and I don’t want to misguide you in any sense- I love yousss!



What I Wore

Mock Neck Sweater

Faux Leather Skirt

Slides (similar here and here)

Clutch (Vintage, but similar here)

A big thanks goes out to Jorja from Jorja Coral Photography for following me and my pumpkins around the St. Norbert Monastery to shoot today’s look. Go give her some love, I’m sure she’ll more than appreciate it!

Also, I would love to hear you thoughts on today’s look, let me know in the comments below!

Xo, Quinn

10 thoughts on “How to Style Pink this Fall

  1. Love this post. Your pics are ery beautiful and so are you. Your style is amazing! In Paris, we got some amazing thrift stores and I get a whole lot of my clothes from there. Otherwise I think my banking account wouldn’t follow…. Lol

  2. I’ve loved pink for most of my life, but went through a phase of hating it when i was younger because i didn’t know how to choose shades that looked good next to my skin and hair…So i gave up on every shade of pink for quite a while.
    It’s one of my favorites too, though!…it was wonderful realizing how i could make it work for me.
    You look gorgeous! I love the whole look, and the sweater looks so comfy.

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