Cozying Up With Mitch This Fall

After a month, Mitch is FINALLY home from his work trip to BC, and I couldn’t be happier. Never did I ever think that we’d be back to long distance, and I did not like it one bit. But the hardest part is over now, and hopefully he’ll be staying to work in Winnipeg for a while to come- especially with the upcoming holidays!

So, to celebrate his long awaited return, I’m sharing one of my favourite couple shoots to date with you all. Sending a huge thanks to Jorja form Jorja Coral Photography for the pictures!

It’s super funny really, because Mitch absolutely hates having his photo taken, and since I’ve started blogging he’s been asked by many photographers to shoot. Thankfully he’s been a huge support and has willingly (or half willingly at least) obliged to the many request. You da best, love.

Cute Couple

Cute Couple Darling in Scarlet

And seriously, how perfect is this monster of a pumpkin Mitch and I picked up at the St. Norbert farmers’ market??


Cute Couple Darling in Scarlet

Cute Couple Darling in Scarlet

Cute Couple Darling in Scarlet

Cute Couple Darling in Scarlet

Doesn’t Mitch look so much more natural when he smiles with his teeth? He has the most PERFECT smile, yet refuses to use his teeth… and it bugs to dickens out of me. Ironically enough, he never used to shy his beautiful smile away from the camera (although he says he’s always been like that… I have photographic proof from years ago to prove otherwise!). I always have to try and make him laugh when we shoot to get the smallest glimpse of his pearly whites. What a silly guy I have.


Cute Couple Darling in Scarlet


Cute Couple Darling in Scarlet






Doesn’t Jorja just take the most magical couple photos? If you’re in the Winnipeg area, make sure to check her out. And if you’re stuck on gifts to get for your significant other this holiday season, a couple shoot would be a super sweet offering.

Thanks for reading!

Xo, Quinn

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