The Skirt I’m Wearing Non-Stop This Autumn

If you’ve already read my monochrome post, then you’ll know how much I’ve fallen for Zara’s pleather minis this autumn season. And if you haven’t yet read it, then get on it girl- I’ll link it here for your convenience. But seriously, these skirts are the ideal faux leather minis for fall- they’re only $35, they are impeccable quality for their low price, and they now come in four beautiful autumn shades. I must constantly think about them because a couple weeks ago I even had a dream where Zara featured the skirt in an additional colour. Am I crazy? Most likely. It is more often than not that I have fashion related dreams, and that really doesn’t bother me in the least haha. Anyways, I guess what I’m trying to say is that you need these skirts in your life. Now.


When creating today’s look, I went for a more business casual vibe, which I very rarely do on the blog. I mean I live for business casual on campus- I like to think it’s good practice for when I’m a marketing exec one day. No word of a lie, I originally wanted to enrol in business school so that I could wear killer pant suits and pencil skirts all day every day. Now despite my actual enjoyment of my marketing courses, I feel like the fashion aspect is still my main career motive. I’ve just always pictured myself as a business professional picking my kids up from school in a slick pair of red soled Louboutins (too much?)… now don’t tell me I’m the only one who’s planned their life out to the fine details of shoe choice. Mitch thinks I’m crazy, but shoe choice is a vital daily decision. Speaking of which, I chose to finish the look off with a pair of neutral toned mules to keep the overall ensemble more of a casual vibe. Business on the top, party on the bottom.




I chose this light blouse from Just Fab to pair with my tan faux leather mini skirt from Zara. I always like to play it on the safe side when pairing colours or shades, and I’ve really been trying to come out of my comfort zone in that regard. Clearly not for this post, but it will happen more and more overtime. Besides, tan and white is a classic fall duo, and it leaves room for a bold red lip.



I never thought that one of my favourite seasonal blouses would be from Just Fab, but I was pleasantly surprised when my package came in. It’s even one of my go-to white blouses right now! To be honest, I was once signed up for their membership program (because who doesn’t want two shoes for $20- marketing at its finest), but I decided to cancel because I kept forgetting to skip each month. However, during my membership, I discovered that they actually have a clothing line in addition to their better known shoe line. With this newly discovered information, I placed a small order, the blouse included. I can’t say I was very impressed with the material and quality of all of the products I received, but they’re still decent seasonal items.





I added this plaid blanket scarf into the mix for some autumn colouring; I also love how it just so happened to bring out the colours in the fall foliage behind me.














What I Wore

Blouse (old, but also love this one)

Faux Leather Mini Skirt

Mules (old, but also love this pair)


Watch (similar here)

I just love how simple this look was to create, and how the neutral tones perfectly exemplified the spirit of fall. Also, I’m sorry for how delayed this post was… Mitch flew home to surprise me over the weekend, and I swapped my blogging time for Mitch time. However, I should have a few extra posts this week to compensate for the lack of last week’s posts. Thanks for reading, and make sure to give Michelle Heppner Photography some love- she is such a talented lady and always does an amazing job with her photos!

Happy Halloween!!

Xo, Quinn


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