Styling Monochrome This Autumn

While the leaves may be vibrantly diverse this time of year, your outfits don’t have to be. Stepping into the colder months I typically resort back to the classic hues of black and navy, especially when I seem to have ‘nothing to wear’. An all black outfit is both conveniently easy to assemble early in the morning when you’re late for class, and chic. It’s a win win. So, to honour the ensemble that’s saved my life more than once by letting me sleep in wayyy past my alarm clock, I present to you my monochrome styling that’s perfect for fall. Keep reading to see why it’s one of my current go-to’s. 


Why am I sitting on a pumpkin you ask? Because it’s October and I’m allowed to be festive, duh. Mitch begged me not to bring the pumpkin to this shoot, knowing that he’d have to be the one to lug the monster of a thing around with us. Luckily for me, he’s the sweetest, most handsome, funniest, smartest, and most loveable boyfriend that ever did live… annnd he finally caved (maybe I’m sucking up just a bit). We actually came across this massive (and most visually appealing) pumpkin at the St. Norbert’s farmers’ market a few weeks back. We’ve been meaning to carve the thing, but with Mitch’s relocation to BC for work, it’s been quite the struggle. Fortunately he should, fingers crossed, be home for Halloween, and we’ll be able to carve it then! Any ideas on what we should carve??




For today’s monochromatic post, I paired a cozy black knit sweater with a black faux leather scarf, black thigh high boots, and a navy satin neck tie. Although all one shade, I was able to create depth by pairing different textures together; and I think that’s what perfectly tied this look together.





Unfortunately this clutch is vintage so I’m not able to link it below for you. However, this faux leather skirt is from Zara’s A/W 2017/18 collection, and is available in store and online right now. I don’t think I’ve been more in love with a skirt in my entire life. The length, the texture, the grain, and the fit are a dream come true, and are all perfect for autumn fashion. I honestly loved this skirt so much that I went back and bought it in the second colour. I also recently discovered that they’ve now launched a fourth colour- a blue shade- and I know I’ll be most likely be ordering that one sometime soon as well. Seriously folks, check it out, and buy one in every colour!



This neck tie is probably my new favourite; I just love how the shade pairs with my hair. It also perfectly complemented this ensemble by giving it a needed (but still muted) colour pop. This, along with my simple watch and rings, gave the look the perfect amount of accessory. This scarf, and the others colour variations, are now on sale at Dynamite for only $8- I’ll link it at the end of this post for you to shop!



And can we talk about my boots for a moment? Because girl, these boots were made for more than just walking. I’ve always loved the addition of thigh high boots to a look in the colder seasons, but I’ve never found a pair that I love as much as I love these. With smaller thighs, I’ve always found it tricky to find a boot that will stay up to my thighs for the duration of the day (or the outing for that matter). These are the first thigh highs that I’ve had where I didn’t need to pull them up every few steps. Seriously, I can’t recommend these enough! They’re currently in Zara right now, don’t miss your chance to snag them before they’re sold out! Once again, I’ve linked the link below for you convenience.

What I Wore

Sweater (similar here and here)

Faux Leather Skirt

Neck Tie (on sale!)

Thigh High Boots

Thanks for reading today’s post, let me know your thoughts in the comments- I always love hearing from you guys! And make sure to go check out Jorja Coral Photography; I know a lot of you always ask who takes my lovely photos, well she’s often the gal behind the camera! Seriously, she’s super talented and you definitely won’t regret giving her a follow; she always posts the loveliest photos.

But, that’s all for today. Happy autumn!

Xo, Quinn


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