How to Look Effortless for an Autumn Picnic

Picnics seem to be strictly reserved for the spring and summer months, but my all time favourite picnic season just so happens to be autumn. The beautiful colours and the crisp air makes for the most romantic setting; add in a baguette or some champagne and you’re set to go!

For my 21st birthday, my mom got me something that I have always wanted: a picnic basket, and the most beautiful one at that. So obviously once those captivating shades of autumn started to appear on the leaves, I had to pack up for my first fall picnic of 2017. And who other to share this outing with, than the beautiful and talented Jorja from Jorja Coral Photography herself… and let me tell you, it was oh so lovely. The food, the cider, the views, the conversation. What else could a couple of gals possible want on a charming autumn day?

For this outfit I incorporated two of this season’s biggest trends- bell sleeves and denim skirts. Now we’ve seen these trends develop over the past couple of seasons; however, they seemed to really explode over this past summer, and are now carrying on into these fall months. Personally, I couldn’t be happier.

Keep reading for the details on today’s look and for all of the great photos from my fall picnic with Jorja Coral Photography!


How cute is this location?! It was the perfect setting for a picnic, and we had the loveliest weather, which was just the cherry on top (ironically we didn’t have any cherries at our picnic). And look at my charming picnic basket; my mom did such a great job selecting it. I know I’ll be getting tons of use out of it through the years, making amazing memories all the while.


So I’m currently looking for book recommendations, if you have any favourites PLEASE link them below. My local Children’s Hospital annually has a book sale where they accept donations; and in return, sell the books to raise money for the hospital. Mitch and I came across the sale while shopping at St. Vital mall one evening, and we end up spending the majority of our time just going through the many aisles and aisles of books. I probably bought about 25 to 30 books there, all at only a dollar to two dollars each. Ironically, our trip to the mall that evening was supposed to be dedicated to picking up some new reads at Chapters’. Luckily for me, I found all of the books I was looking for- and some– in the sale, and at about 1/20th of the cost than that at Chapters. The proceeds going to the Children’s Hospital was just the icing on the cake. As a student, I don’t really know when I’ll have time for all of this leisure reading, but at least I’ll have the books handy for when that time comes! Oh, and the book I’m reading in the above picture is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It’s a classic and I’m now reading it for the third time. LOVE.


Jorja and I couldn’t resist but to open up a bottle of Ikea’s ‘luxury’ cider. All jokes aside, Ikea actually makes some pretty darn good pear cider, which I like to stock up on during the holiday season. Cheers!


I have been wearing this scarf non-stop since I bought it back in September. It is the coziest and most fall-like scarf I ever did see, and it’s the perfect addition to any fall ensemble. It will immediately and effortlessly spice it up!


Now finally to today’s look- bell sleeves and a denim skirt. So simple, yet so fun. I absolutely adore how this bell sleeved blouse pairs with the denim skirt; it completely balances out the casual/ formal aspect of this ensemble. I’ve always loved the look of a plain white tee with some denim, and I feel like this look is just a little step up from that classic pairing. And of course the pineapple loafers help to add some character as well- I couldn’t resist!


This was my favourite denim skirt of the spring/ summer 2017 season. I had a fairly difficult time finding a mini skirt that was high waisted enough but still felt long enough in the back. I love this skirt so much because it offers that extra length in the back; creating a neat asymmetrical hem at the same time. Last spring I ordered a bunch of denim skirts online to find one that fit the best, and it all came down to this one- none of the others even compared. Unfortunately Dynamite no longer carries this particular skirt, as it’s now out of season, but I’ve linked an alternative for you below.

Side note- you can tell I’m a dancer just by all the bruises on my legs ahhh. Oh well, what’s a ballerina to do.


What I Wore

Bell Sleeved Blouse

Denim Mini Skirt (similar)

Plaid Scarf

Pineapple Loafers (not in season, similar but without embroidery)

A big thanks goes out to Joral Coral Photography for this fun day and the beautiful pictures that came along with it!

And thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed today’s look and post. I should have another new post out this upcoming Monday- subscribe so you won’t miss it. For now, happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!

Xo, Quinn

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