The Perfect Summer to Fall Transition Piece

Finding weather appropriate transition pieces can be a fairly tricky task when you live in an area with drastic seasonal climate changes- like myself. However, it’s far from impossible. Today’s look demonstrates just that; and is what I consider to be one of my key fall wardrobe staples this season. Keep reading for the details on this autumn inspired look!





So classes at University have started back up, and I have been drooling over all the fall colours on the trees (and on the students’ apparel). And although September proves to be a more stressful month; with getting back into the swing of things again, I still find it to be the start of one of the most beautiful seasons. I don’t know, as much as I can’t stand Manitoba’s long and freezing winters, I can appreciate the beauty of living in a four season province. And it’s an appreciation that I wouldn’t surrender for the world. Sure, living in a tropical hot spot twelve months out of the year would have its perks, but it just wouldn’t be my cup of tea. Crisp weather, cozy knits, bonfires, football games, hot cocoa or tea, and all the festive activities that go hand in hand with autumn weather would be missed far too greatly! In fact, my only complaint would be how Manitoba autumns don’t last as long as I would like them to. It seems to me that there’s only a small increment of time where all the leaves are beautiful, bright colours until they collapse- and that is something I could use a lot more of! Regardless, I try and take in as much of autumn as I possibly can before winter hits; because once winter hits, it will be months and months until we see another leaf again.












So in celebration of the premature arrival of fall, I figured I’d share one of my favourite a/w 2017 pieces with you all- this beautiful long sleeved pleated dress. I typically do all of my shopping online.. A) because it’s just so incredibly convenient and addictive, and B) because 90% of the stores here in Winnipeg suck. But, this one day my mom and I decided to check out the new H&M in Kildonan Place Mall. I was super reluctant at first, considering H&M is known to have fast, cheap fashion; however, I was pleasantly surprised to learn of their premium collection, which offers higher grade fabrics and garment assembly. And while I was browsing this section, today’s featured dress popped out at me. With it’s warm fall tones and patterns, it was my idealistic autumn dress, so I quickly exploited the opportunity and bought it. What a wonderful decision that turned out to be.







I played around with colours a bit by using this soft pink scarf to add a touch of femininity and warmth; I found that the shade perfectly melted in with the dress’ pattern. In addition to this trendy colour adding an extra splash of femininity to the look, I also felt like this scarf was able to pull the whole ensemble together into a cozy fall-esque appeal.









I know this is completely irrelevant to today’s outfit, but how cute is my new bike?? I didn’t know it was possible to love a bike so much until I saw mine for the first time; I guess you could say it was love at first sight. Mitch spoiled me with this bike for my 21st birthday back in July, and he got all of the details just right- from the beautiful mint colour, all the way to the little bell on my left handle. Thank you thank and thank you again SO much, Mitch. I love you and I love my bike!




Getting back on topic, the addition of this classic brown satchel immediately completed the look. I find that I stick to earthier toned accessories in the fall months because they’re not too harsh, but they still represent the typical fall shades. I literally tote this bag around everywhere; it’s just so versatile and I find that it pairs really nicely with the majority of my autumn wardrobe.



These shoes by Steve Madden also greatly complement the ensemble, as their colour is just dark enough to bring out the lovely pattern in the dress. I’ll also mention just how comfortable they are to walk (and bike) in, which makes for a very happy Quinn.







And I absolutely ADORE this dress’ leafy floral pattern, and both the hues and sleeve length perfectly define fall fashion all summed up in one garment. Of course a classic red lip helps in that matter too, haha (insert T Swift lyrics here).



I collaborated with Michelle Elizabeth Heppner Photography for the first time (of hopefully many) to bring you today’s post; and isn’t she just the most talented thing?! These photos came out better than I ever could have imagined- I am simply in love.

So if you’re a Winnipeg based reader, do make sure to check out the promotion that Michelle is currently offering- One hour fall portrait session at the location of your choice for only $150! Click here for more information regarding her discounted shoot promo, and to check out her beautiful website.


Pleated Dress


Platform Wedged Mules

Bag (similar)

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Xo, Quinn

4 thoughts on “The Perfect Summer to Fall Transition Piece

  1. What a lovely post! The photos are so dreamy – the colors in the dress and your hair color…and that blush pink scarf, everything is so beautiful together.

    Like you, I love the dramatic changing of the seasons – I live in NY where we also have four distinct seasons and I would be so sad to lose any one of them.

    Kudos to Michelle Elizabeth Hepner on her beautiful photography…and to Mitch for his selection of your birthday bike! I’m having some health issues right now but am looking forward to hopefully being able to ride my bike again later this fall.


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