The Shirts That Speak Volumes

It was so much fun having Jorja on the other side of the camera with me for once! Although that meant that the photo taking pressure was all on poor Mitch’s shoulders. I think he did a great job, though (with the help and placement of Jorja that is). But honestly, I’ve always dreamt that Mitch would have a passion for photography; it would just make shooting looks that much more convenient. In fact, while we were away on vacation last winter, our friend borrowed us his camera to use- thank you again, Jason!- and Mitch really started to get into taking photos. We don’t yet have a camera, but we’re hoping to get one sometime in the near future… and I am really hoping that Mitch will be up for taking some of my blog photos! So if you guys have any camera recommendations, let me know in the comments. We need all the tech help we can get.

Thread Tank carries a variety of fun t-shirts that each have a personalized element to them. When scrolling through their website, I couldn’t resist choosing a “Feminist” shirt for myself, and a “Vegan Friendly” shirt for Jorja. They were just too relatable. I guess you can say that Thread Tank’s t-shirts really speak for themselves (haha). Go check out the other shirts they carry here and find one that most speaks to you!


I chose their “Feminist” t-shirt because it represent exactly who I am and what I believe in. But what’s the very first thing that comes to your mind when I mention feminism? I feel as if this word has been wrongfully tossed around a lot lately, and I’d like to clear a few things up. A feminist is NOT a “man hater”, and a feminist does NOT want women to have superiority over men. A feminist DOES want equality for everyone; this including the eradication of both male and female gender stereotypes.

Wow, it sounds so simple when it’s properly addressed.


But I won’t get into the brunt of the argument, as this blog is dedicated to fashion. However, I felt it necessary to correct an important misunderstood concept!


And of course Jorja’s shirts also speaks for themselves. The one pictured above is Thread Tank’s “Vegan Friendly” quoted shirt which you can shop here, and the one pictured below is their “Roots” shirt which can be purchased here. And can I just note how cute Jorja is, and how ironic I find it that she’s standing in the middle of a corn field while wearing a “Vegan Friendly” shirt? Adorable.


If you’re interested in the other products Thread Tank has to offer- and why wouldn’t you be- you can check them out here. As for now, I wish you all a wonderful last few weeks of summer! I know, it hurt me just as much to write that as it did for you to read it. But, on the bright side, the end of summer fashion brings everything fall fashion… and I LOVE fall fashion. Plus, I have a ton of new content for you this autumn, so stay tuned. And to make sure you don’t miss a single post, subscribe to my email list!








Photography: Jorja Coral Photography 

Thanks for reading!

Xo, Quinn


This post was brought to you by Thread Tank.

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