The Perfect Button Up Skirt for Summer!

Button up skirts; oh so 90’s. Right? Well I couldn’t NOT share this vintage inspired look with you all. First off, I love maxi skirts. You can sit down without accidentally flashing your undies, and it’s just so easy to slip one on and make it seem as if you’ve put a ton of effort into your look {when; in reality, you went from being in your bed to out the door in under 10 minutes}.

Same goes for maxi dresses- love them! So simple, yet so chic. A lot of people assume that sporting a dress takes effort, and so they often automatically see it as formal garment. In fact, I often get asked why I’m so “dressed up” {… which just so happens to be one of my biggest pet peeves. I mean, I don’t ask them why they’ve worn the same stained sweat pants for the past three days. ‘Cause to each their own}. Anyways, the reality is that it probably takes a lot less time and effort for me to quickly slip on a dress, then it would be to find a matching top and bottom to pair.

But carrying on, I’m getting off topic. All in all, this light pink button up maxi skirt is the perfect summer staple! Simply pair it with a white top and nude sandals and you can’t go wrong. I chose to pair this skirt with neutral tones to allow the buttoned skirt to be the featured piece in the ensemble. I feel that if I had instead gone with a patterned top or statement shoes, the look would have become too overwhelming and would be a big ol’ mish mash. But let me know your thoughts in the comments!

For now, see the full look below!







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What I Wore:

Forever 21 Button-Front Maxi Skirt

Zaful Knit Tank Top in White

Seriously, I have no idea how Jorja from Jorja Coral Photography made the Red River look like some magical beach at golden hour. But, she just did. If you like these photos {I mean obviously you do, because Jorja is like a photography fairy godmother, and her photos always come out stunning}, then go check out her photography website here for more. Want to book a shoot but not a Winnipeger? Not a problem! Jorja is available for international product shoots- simply send the products you want photographed her way, and she’ll get to working her magic.

Anywhooo, thanks for reading today’s post. I hope you liked my #OOTD. I’ll have more looks coming your way this week, so stay tuned!

Xo, Quinn




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