The Natural & Minimalistic Skincare Line you Need to Invest in NOW!

If you’ve been reading my blog for the past seven months, first of all- thank you, and second of all- you probably know that I have this thing for skin care. Having a good and consistent skin care regimen is the best thing you can do for your skin; which is exactly why I want to share Naked Skincare & Apothecary with you all!

Naked Skincare & Apothecary is a Winnipeg based skincare and lifestyle company that brands themselves off the moto “less is more”. You will never find any artificial ingredients or fragrances in their products. Without the use of preservatives, additives, or colorants in the production, Naked Skincare & Apothecary is just that- naked.


Naked Cleansing Oil

Tamanu & Wild Citrus

I was beyond excited to receive Naked Skincare & Apothecary’s Naked Cleansing Oil. I have heard SO many wonderful things about oil cleansing that I needed to see what all the fuss was about. In fact, prior to Naked Cleansing Oil, I simply used coconut oil in the evenings to remove my makeup and to cleanse my pores of any leftover residue. The coconut oil got me hooked, but this Naked Cleansing Oil has me OBSESSED. I have literally rearranged my entire skincare regimen thanks to these Naked Skincare & Apothecary products. And, as I believe that a consistent skincare routine is the most effective way to maintain healthy and glowing skin, that is not something I tend to often do. In other words, it’s sorta a big deal!


Description: With a “skin loving” blend of botanical infused carrier oils and organic essential oils, the Naked Cleansing Oil will remove make-up and deep cleanse your pores without stripping your skin of its natural oils. And luckily for you, this cleanser is ideal for all skin types!

Use: Using about a quarter size amount, massage the product into your pores for about 30-60 seconds without the use of water- dry hands, dry face. As oil and water don’t mix, this will allow you the most efficient deep cleanse possible! Once you’ve finished this first step, you’ll want to run a facecloth under warm water, wring it out, and lay it over your face to rest for up to a minute. This will help to break up the oil in your pores. After the chosen time is up, gently wipe the remaining oil off your face using the facecloth- you’ll need to repeat the removal process a second time.

Ingredients: Naked Skin & Apothecary refrains from using any oil with a comedogenic rating higher than 2- out of a scale from 0 (unlikely to clog pores)- 5 (very likely to clog pores). The oils found in this cleanser are as follows: Safflower (rating 0), Castor Oil (rating 1), Sweet Almond Oil (rating 2), and Tamanu Oil (rating 2). A combination of these oils help to nourish and hydrate the skin, all while containing properties that heal damaged skin.

Naked Floral Toner

Dry & Mature Skin

If you don’t already know, I have a slight (huge) obsession with rose water toner… now with this knowledge, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that Naked Skincare & Apothecary’s Floral Toner was included in my gift package. And, to make it even better, it was packaged into a spray bottle to allow easy application. Just a convenient spritz, and you’re set for the day. I actually like to keep mine in the fridge so that when hot days come along, I can use the toner as a quick cool down and refresh!


Description: Aloe, rosewater, and organic essential oils blended together to create the perfect toner that helps to soften, calm, and even skin tone.

Use: Holding the bottle 4-6 inches away from your face and neck, gently mist over cleansed skin.

Ingredients: Rose water, aloe leaf juice, essential oils of frankincense and lavender.

Naked Nourishing Face Oil

Dry & Dehydrated & Mature Skin

Dry skin got you down? Do you have dreams of more radiant skin days? Well look no further… Haha, just kidding. I won’t bore you with the age old infomercial lead. Instead, I’ll skip straight to the point- if you have dry skin like myself, this Nourishing Face Oil will be your saviour. Invest in good skincare now!


Description: A lavish blend of renewing oils to promote cell regrowth, hydrate, and heal your skin.

Use: Massage 1-2 pumps of the oil onto your neck and face region one or two times daily. I personally like to use this oil underneath my makeup in the morning as my daily moisturizer, as well as a light sleep mask in the evening.

Ingredients: Safflower oil, pumpkin seed oil, raspberry seed oil, borage oil, avocado oil, vitamin E, and essential oils of rose and frankincense.

Naked Balm

I don’t know about you, but I get severely cracked lips if I don’t stay on top of things- especially in the winter months. But, a couple swipes (does one “swipe” on lip balm?) of Naked Balm in the morning and right before bed, and your lips will be more than kissable. It’s even boyfriend approved, just ask Mitch!


Description: This hydrating, non-comedogenic, and versatile lip balm is your new go-to for all those skin regions needing a little TLC.

Use: Get creative! Feel free to use this on your lips, face, body, cuticles, or whatever other ways you can imagine possible.

Ingredients: Safflower oil, argan oil (infused with lavender, chamomile, calendula, hibiscus), shea butter, and beeswax.

Naked Body Polish

Lavender & Lime

“Honey, ahhh suga’ suga’. You are my candy girl, and you’ve got me wanting youuu.” There. Now I’m not the only one with this song stuck in my head. You’re welcome. But, in all seriousness, this sugar polish from Naked Skincare & Apothecary will work miracles to smooth your skin!


Description: With just the right combination of oils and butters, this body polish will help to buff out any rough patches found on your skin. I double pinky promise that after using this product, your skin will be feeling smoother than a baby’s bottom- that’s a Quinn guarantee ;)… Too cheesy?

Use: With the wooden scoop provided, massage the body polish onto the skin in circulation motions, paying special attention to any rough areas. Ensure to keep water from entering the jar.

Ingredients: Sugar, salt, shea butter, cocoa seed butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, ground lavender, and essential oils of lavender and lime.


All in all, I’m prettyyy positive that Naked Skincare & Apothecary was sent from heaven- their products make you feel like an angel, after all. It only makes sense. So yes, I would 100% recommend this skincare line. Take it from a skincare enthusiast herself: with their natural, non-comedogenic, and efficient products, Naked Skincare & Apothecary will leave you glowing like you never have before!

Photography from this post is courtesy of Jorja Coral Photography– go check out her beautiful website!

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned, I have a lot of new and exciting things coming your way!

Xo, Quinn

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