Light Spring & Summer Turtleneck by PRESTIGE NICHE & Interview with Designer Marie- Louise Lapointe

April showers bring May flowers, or so it goes. Well, to honour this well aged saying, Jorja Coral Photography and I took to the lilac blooms this May to shoot the perfect Spring look for you all. Now, you have to understand that where I live Spring isn’t all sunshine and blooms. Most of the season consists of mucky melting snow piles and cold rain… although, Winnipeg does still have its fair share of sunny weather- as I sit here writing this in 34 degree celsius conditions (whew). Nevertheless, it can be tricky to find the right transitional pieces to get you from Winter to Spring to Summer. Which is exactly why I’m so excited to share with you this Canadian designer I discovered!

PRESTIGE NICHE is an up and coming Canadian clothing label that strictly carries designs by Canadian fashion designers, including their own designs- all made exclusively in Canada! With the use of 100% bamboo, PN creates the softest, most comfortable, and cutest fashion pieces- don’t believe me? Keep reading and check them out for yourself! (P.S. They’re currently having a sale and they offer free shipping throughout Canada… you’re welcome).


Who says you can’t rock turtlenecks in the Spring & Summer? Bamboo creates the perfect lightweight fabric that will keep you from overheating, all while helping you effortlessly transition between seasons. I’m also absolutely in LOVE with this powder blue shade; it is hands down one of my favourite Spring & Summer colours this season.


As a Canadian blogger, I find it crucial to support and promote fellow Canadians and their businesses. With this, I figured it’d be fun to conduct an interview with the founder of PRESTIGE NICHE herself, Marie- Louise. Keep reading below to learn all about her and her lovely new design line!


Interview with Marie- Louise Lapointe, the founder of PRESTIGE NICHE

 Why did you decide to pursue fashion design?
I decided to pursue a business within the fashion industry after having a long love affair with fashion, sewing, and design. I needed a creative outlet for all my ideas and most importantly I wanted to pursue something I had always been passionate about-cliché…but true. My professional background is within the medical field. When I chose a medical career, I chose something “safe”… when I should have followed my heart. Now, after being a wife and a mother of two, I know how important it is to do what brings you most joy and satisfaction. After I had my daughter, Victoria, I decided to pursue an online store that solely carried Canadian designers. After a few years in business and understanding the needs of my clients- I decided to create my own designs.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
I, first and foremost, wanted my designs to reflect comfort, quality, and affordability. I utilized soft bamboo stretch in the designs in order to achieve the ultimate comfort. I also understand that it’s important for women to feel good about themselves in their clothing- without feeling too exposed. Future designs will implicate more structured fabrics such as raw silk, georgette, and lace.

How would you describe the style and brand behind Prestige Niche?
The style behind PRESTIGE NICHE is an amalgamation of quite a few components. Firstly, the business reflects Canadian designs and talent. I am personally very passionate about that component, made or designed in Canada. When I first started the business, I was asking designers to come on board (hoping they would trust me enough to represent their brands) on a brand new e-com platform. I felt it was a challenge to find designers that, firstly, legitimately made their clothing in Canada, secondly, trusted my brand new business. From whatever collaborations I had, I created the business off of that. I later evolved, repeated what worked and changed what didn’t. For that reason, it’s hard to give the “style” of my business.  A mix N match I would have to say.

Where would you like to see your designs and Prestige Niche in the future? 
I feel that PRESTIGE NICHE as a business will further evolve, as any business should. Perhaps a rebrand is in the near future. I would love to eventually have the business be solely my designs. As it stands currently, there’s a mix of designers and my own work. I feel like the business is in a current transition- and these types of transition take time. You will have to stay tuned and see the new developments.

Are you self taught or did you study fashion design? 
I am 100% self-taught. In terms of sewing, I grew up watching my mother and grandmother sew. Therefore, I had a great base when I wanted to pick it up later in life. I worked at a fabric store for about 3 years and sewed Vogue patterns and such. I really starting refocusing on sewing in the past year. I am now working on Indian wear project that I am really excited about.

What is your current favourite trend?
I’ve always preferred classics- I probably own 1000 monochrome dresses or blazers. I believed I learned to have staples in my closet after having my children. I wanted to invest in pieces that I could wear after I gave birth and perhaps during pregnancies (if the fabric contained lycra of course!). In terms of the trends I do like, I must say- I’m loving the retro comebacks from the 90s. I’m really into a good pair of Levis jeans, bodysuits, anything high waisted and the colour of soft dusty pink. I never liked pink until this season 🙂 I do live in gym clothing when at home, I always have a pair of leggings on and love a good sneaker. I’m just the type that needs to be comfortable while working in the home or at the office.

Speaking of bodysuits, check out these essential must-haves from PRESTIGE NICHE!

 Shop My Look

More Great Finds From PRESTIGE NICHE

Because I have fallen head over heels with this Canadian based company, I’ve decided to share some additional favourites from their current collection- click here to shop their website!
Once again, I am ever so excited to share Marie’s designs with you all- definitely go give PRESTIGE NICHE some love; you’ll thank me for it! And thanks so much for reading. I’ll be trying to post more than twice a week for the rest of summer, as I just have SO much content I want to share with you- so stay tuned.
For now, I wish you the loveliest of days!
Xo, Quinn
*Photos courtesy of Jorja Coral Photography and Prestige Niche.

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