Tassel Earrings by Hart

I am so unbelievably happy that there is a substantial earring trend this season. I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve really dove into any jewelry trend, and Hart gave me the ambition to do so. Tassel earrings. One of the chicest touches you can add to your outfits this Spring/ Summer season, and also one of the biggest current trends. With the addition of tassel earrings, your entire look instantly elevates, leaving an elegant presence. And look how fun they are! They’re really quite hard to resist if you ask me, which is why I am so so so excited to share Hart with you all. Hart Hagerty, the founder and designer behind Hart, works directly with Chinese artisans and suppliers to produce her tassel earrings. As she currently resides in Shanghai, her earrings are a direct representation and inspiration of Chinese culture, in the most stylish form.

The photos below feature two of Hart’s signature topknot tassel earrings in the colours sage and cornflower blue, both of which I’ll link down below for your convenience. For now, make sure to check out the photos from my most recent shoot with Jorja Coral Photography!
















For this look I paired Hart’s topknot tassel earrings with this gold shimmer midi dress that I picked up at Dynamite during their BOGO 50% off sale! I’m always a bit skeptical of the quality of Dynamite’s clothing, but this dress was honestly such a steal. The fabric, the shimmer, the length. I love everything about this dress. In fact, I may go as far as to say that this is one of my current favourites… I know, crazy! And pairing it with these earrings from Hart is just the cherry on top. I absolutely love how the sage tassel earrings bring out the gold in the dress, both of the colours just beautifully melt together. Of course, the cornflower blue earrings are also just as stunning when matched with this dress.









Shop My Look

Hart Topknot Tassel Earrings in Sage

Hart Topknot Tassel Earrings in Cornflower Blue

Dynamite Gold Shimmer Midi Dress (Midi Skirt version)

Everly Ring Stack 

White Espadrille Slings (Similar pair)

All photos courtesy of Jorja Coral Photography!!

As Hart states herself, “expect to get compliments each time you wear them.” And she’s not wrong; every single time I’ve worn mine to date, I’ve received a compliment. Go get yourself a pair, or ten, now!!

Thanks for reading today’s post, and also thank you SO much for 700 followers!! Your dedication to Darling in Scarlet means the world to me.

Xo, Quinn


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