Ring Stack Goals With Everly!

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend- and for good reason. They sparkle and they won’t steal your boyfriend; it’s a win win. The downfall? I’m a 20 year old University student who doesn’t have the resources (aka: moolah) to rock diamonds on the regular. So what’s a girl to do? Well, I give you Everly; the ring shop that carries a variety of simulated diamonds and gemstones presented in beautiful sterling silver designs.

Through Everly I received this stunning set of three rings, which is pictured below. With my current obsession with all things rose gold (I mean, what gal isn’t all about rose gold lately?),  I opted for two of their rose gold pieces, separated by a classic silver design. Put them all together and you’ve got the perfect ring stack! Best part? They look a whole lot more expensive than they actually are. Everly is currently offering their stackable ring sets for 3/$150, 4/$199, and 5/$250.


This ring stack is the perfect addition to any outfit! As shown in the pictures, I chose to pair them with a champagne coloured dress from Dynamite and my nude clutch from Aldo, although they’d honestly look great with anything!


I typically have a few rings that I like to wear daily- just to make my outfit look a lot more put together than it probably is- and I have definitely now added these Everly rings to the collection. I am in love.


*All Photos are courtesy of Jorja Coral Photography.

*Disclaimer: Rings were gifted to me for advertisement purposes.

To shop these stunning rings, click here!

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Xo, Quinn


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