Spring is Blooming with JORD (GIVEAWAY!)

Oh how I’ve longed for Spring’s arrival. And, now that it’s finally upon us, I can go ahead and transition my closet from Fall/ Winter back to Spring/ Summer. Is it just me or do you guys also tire of winter trends by the middle of February? At that point all I want to do is say so long to chunky knits and hello to playful rompers. I say the middle of February because by that point in the winter the holiday season is long over and all that remains is cabin fever. At least here in Manitoba, February temperatures typically drop to -30/ -40 degree weather (not gonna lie, the occasional -50 is in there too). Thus, officially deeming February the worst month of winter. As you can clearly see, Spring has my warm welcome! So to celebrate Spring’s arrival, I’m partnering with JORD Wood Watches to host my very first blog GIVEAWAY!! JORD carries a wide array of hand-crafted women’s and men’s watches; all made from various mediums of wood. Below I’ve listed all the things I love about JORD.

Jorja Coral Photography


JORD offers watches hand made from an abundance of woods, including but not limited to: rosewood, bamboo, and acacia. As no piece of wood is the same, each watch has a stunning one of a kind pattern to it.

Environmental Information

JORD also provides their customers with detailed information regarding the different wood types they carry. The source, tree height, hardness, grain/ texture, sustainability, shrinkage, and dried weight are all included in their write ups. In fact, JORD is very environmentally aware of the negative impacts involved with the forestry industry, and ensures their wood is-not listed in the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Thus, allowing a more environmentally conscious consumer.

Jorja Coral Photography


In addition to creating a healthy environmental impact through the purchase of a JORD watch, you’ll also be sporting quite the fashion statement! All of JORD’s watches are to die for; each one individually unique and beautiful. Check out the photos below and see for yourself!

Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography

Free International Shipping

As a Canadian citizen, this next point is so appealing. And I’m sure my fellow Canadian readers are with me when I say that paying shipping/ taxes/ and duty fees on online orders from the U.S. (or elsewhere) SUCKS. Free international shipping please!!

Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography

Custom Engravings

Everyone has that someone in their life that is impossible to shop for. The person we all dread gift buying for come the holiday season, the person that already has everything, that particularly picky individual. Someone came into your mind while reading that, didn’t they? Well, look no further because JORD offers custom engravings on both the watch itself, as well as the box that it comes in (which, by the way, is way too cute- make sure to check out the pictures!). Add a personal touch to the already perfect gift. You really can’t go wrong!

For my shoot with JORD Wood Watches, Jorja and I travelled out to Fort Whyte Alive to capture some images for you all. In the pictures featured, I’m wearing a JORD Frankie Series watch in Dark Sandalwood and Smoke, paired with my gingham Zara dress, Forever 21 mid-heeled nude sandals, and a Top Shop coat in camel. I’ll post more details from this look soon, so stay tuned!

Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography
Jorja Coral Photography


Now’s the time you’ve all been waiting for… GIVEAWAY! JORD Wood Watches and I have partnered together to give away a $100 credit to one of my lucky followers/ readers. Also, if you enter you’re guaranteed a $25 coupon code for JORD Wood Watches.

Click Here to Enter the Contest- Win a $100 Credit

*All photos are courtesy of Jorja Coral Photography.

*Disclaimer: I was sent this watch to review by JORD Wood Watches.

Thanks for reading, loves!!

Xo, Quinn

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