Tropical Printed Dress

As themed as it probably sounds, I ended up packing a lot of tropical prints in my vacay luggage to the Dominican Republic. And, to be quite honest, I’m not a tad bit ashamed of my cliché wardrobe. Just as I wear pink on Valentine’s Day, and sequins on New Year’s Eve, I wear tropical prints on a tropical vacay.

This particular tropical off the shoulder dress that I’m wearing was purchased through J Crew last season. Unfortunately, they no longer carry it, but you can find similar tropical printed off the shoulder looks herehere, here and here (in order of the images pictured below).

For the past couple years I have been all about off the shoulder looks, and I am ever so happy that this trend is continuing right into the 2017 S/S season. There’s something so casually feminine about sporting this simple look, and it’s so easy to dress up or down! Pair an off the shoulder dress with heels and a slicked back bun for a girls’ night out on the town, or throw it over a bikini with wind blown locks for an effortless beachy look. The versatility is endless!

Below I’ve included some photos featuring this Rati print dress from J Crew, enjoy!

Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Mitch
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Mitch
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Mitch
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Mitch
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Mitch
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography
Photo: Mitch
Photo: Jorja Coral Photography

* Photographers: Jorja Coral Photography and Mitch (he insists that I credit him for all vacay photos haha). Photographers are specified under each image.

*Featured hat: PANMILLI

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Xo, Quinn









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