Prior to my departure to the beautiful country of the Dominican Republic, I was fortunate enough to receive two of PANMILLI’s stunning sun hats. I came across PANMILLI during a routine browse on Etsy; I’m always on the search for the cutest new shops to share with you all, and I instantaneously fell in love with their sequin embroidered sun hats! For years  now I have wanted a Eugenia Kim original but, not ready to drop $600 on a simple sun hat, decided against the purchase. As PANMILLI’s designs mirror those of Eugenia Kim, you can understand my excitement when planning our collaboration!

I’ve decided to come up with a list displaying all of the reasons behind my love for PANMILLI’s embroidered sun hats, so that you all can fall in love with them too. Without further adieu, let’s get into it!

Gorgeous Designs. For this point, I’m just going to let the pictures speak for themselves.


Hand Embroidered. Each sun hat by PANMILLI designs is hand embroidered using sequins of your colour choice; thus, allowing complete personalization. Irina, the owner, solely uses hand work for the lettering patterns on all of her orders.

IMG_2195IMG_2138IMG_2099IMG_2100IMG_2098Completely Customizable. Irina is able to embroider the specific lettering requests of each customer; thus, creating “one of a kind” designs. Choose your lettering pattern, your font, and your colours- it’s all up to you. I was so excited to receive my “Darling in Scarlet” sequin embroidered sun hat!


Quality. When I first unboxed my hats upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised by their thick straw structure. I find that with large brimmed sun hats it is often difficult to keep the front of the brim from wilting downwards and blocking your view; however, this was not the case with PANMILLI’s hats! The structured brims of the hats blocked the sun’s rays from my eyes, all while allowing my vision to remain uninterrupted.


Canadian Based. As a Canadian citizen and blogger, I am more than thrilled when I get the opportunity to promote Canadian business’. Based out of Toronto, Ontario, PANMILLI is not only an amazing Etsy shop, but it’s also an amazing, local Etsy shop.


I’ll leave the link to PANMILLI’s Etsy shop here, as well as the link to their Instagram feed here. Make sure to go give her pages a visit!

From now until April 21st you can use the discount code “Quinn” for 15% off your order!!

Xo, Quinn

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