Winter Couple Photoshoot with Jozanna Theolynn

Another day, another couple shoot I drag Mitch to early in the morning. 7:30 in the morning to be exact. But what’s love if not to wake up early for each other, right? Funny enough, one of the most requested post topics I receive is that of couple shoots. People are just crazy about cute couple pictures, and I can’t really blame them. So; from now on, I plan to post the majority of the photos from Mitch and my shoots individually in addition to my fashion specific and themed posts. Prepare yourself for some ridiculously cute photos guys.

*All of these photos are courtesy of the very talented Jozanna Theolynn!!


I hope you enjoyed! Make sure to follow for more cute couple posts!

Xo, Quinn

3 thoughts on “Winter Couple Photoshoot with Jozanna Theolynn

  1. Amazing pictures, especially love the first black and white ones! Poor guys, it must have been freezing for them! But seems it’s worth it, that’s the most important thing at the end of the day 🙂


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