Kalina Denault Photography

Back in the autumn, Mitch and I were fortunate enough to win a photoshoot giveaway by the very talented Kalina Denault. As this was our first professional photoshoot as a couple, Mitch and I needed plenty of direction. Thankfully, Kalina was more than happy to guide us through various poses and positions that accentuated our love for each other; creating breathtaking couple photos. We actually ended up loving our photos so much that we chose one of the images as our 2016 Christmas photo!

For those of you who keep up with my blog (first off- thank you!!) you’ve probably already read my interview with Jorja from Jorja Coral Photography. However, if you missed that I’ll link it here. In that interview I stated my desire to introduce my readers to the very talented individuals behind the camera at my blog shoots- because I literally owe all credit from my blog photos to them! Well; in addition to Jorja, I also often work with Kalina from Kalina Denault Photography, and she is also simply amazing behind the camera. That said, I obviously needed to introduce her through an interview as well! So; without further adieu, I present to you my interview with Kalina.

How long have you been interested in photography?

This is one question that I really enjoy answering when I get asked. I have been interested in photography since September 2016. I originally picked up a camera in summer 2016 because my plan was to start a blog dedicated to DIY projects since I enjoy being “crafty”. Knowing nothing about cameras nor going to a photography school, I tried every single way to get experience and to practice. Since I still hadn’t started my DIY blog, people had only seen photos I had taken of friends and family, and I was starting to receive messages and requests to take peoples family, couple and engagement photos. Now, I have even second shot a couple of winter weddings. Not where I had expected to end up, but I am loving every second of it!

Are you hoping to pursue photography as a career?

Yes! I am currently in Red River College in the Business Administration program, in my second year, majoring in Marketing. With my marketing diploma and slight photography background, I am hoping to combine both of these and use my knowledge to further my passion in photography. I hope that in 2018 I will be shooting weddings on my own and creating a small business out of this.

What is your favourite photography style?

I enjoy portraits & couple/weddings the most hands down. Photographing raw emotion is something that warms my heart. I enjoy capturing people in their happiest moments and once the photos are delivered, it’s one of the best feelings seeing your clients content.

Where is it that you see photography taking you? Or where would you like it to take you?

I would like to eventually start my own photography business. That is my end goal! In 2016 I had started photography, this year I am hoping to second shoot as many weddings as I can to get practise and experience under my belt and then in 2018 I hope to start being the head photographer.

What inspires your photography?

What inspires me is other local photographers, magazines and the outdoors. When I go outside it helps me clear my mind and gets the creative juices flowing! As for seeing other photographers posts, they always post the most amazing photos that it inspires me to get out there and keep practising because that’s the only way that anyone will improve with anything.

Check out more of her amazing shots through her Facebook page, her Instagram, and her Pixieset. Oh and don’t forget to follow her!

I would highly recommend Kalina to anyone and everyone wanting to have photos done; she is not only super talented, but she is also just so fun to be around. Whether you’re a season pro or a newbie when it comes to photoshoots, Kalina will make you feel more than comfortable. I hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes interview of what goes into my blog photos, thanks for reading!

PS: Ladies in the Winnipeg area, Kalina is currently offering boudoir sessions at Aspire Studios for only $100 INCLUDING hair/ makeup and furniture props. Feel free to contact myself or Kalina for more information- you really can’t pass that up!


*All photos are courtesy of Kalina Denault Photography

Xo, Quinn

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