Jorja Coral Photography Interview

If you’ve been following along with my blog and Instagram you’ve probably come across some of Jorja’s amazing photography. Upon launching my blog I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Jorja through Instagram in regards to collaborating. I had previously been a big fan of her photos, and so as you can imagine I was quite excited! Over the past couple of months I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Jorja on a more personal level, and believe me when I say she is one of the sweetest and most talented people I know. Recently I decided to conduct an interview with her to allow all of my followers and readers (so, you guys!) to get to know her a bit better. Let’s get into it!


How long have you had an interest for photography and when did you become serious about pursuing it as a career?

“I’ve always loved creating art in many different forms since I was a child. I was probably around 10 when my love for photography started to bloom. I’d take my family’s camera and just go off for hours creating ‘art’ with the landscapes around me. When I got my very first DSLR for Christmas one year, I started having friends ask if I could take their photos. This was new for me since my subjects before had always been nature. I fell in love with bringing out the beauty and personality of every person and making art through photos.”


Which photography school did you attend?

“I attended the Prairieview School of Photography Diploma Program. I learned so much in that eight months about how to control the outcome of my photos as well as what I wanted to pursue. The most valuable part though, was making connections with other local creatives that love photography as much as I do.”


What is your favourite photography style?

“I photograph a wide array of things, but what I am most passionate about is portraits, especially couples and weddings. I love showing people the beauty in authentic moments, and what is more beautiful and authentic than a wedding day or the love between a couple!”


Where is it that you see photography taking you, or where would you like it to take you?

“Photography has opened up so many doors for me to meet some amazing people and be a part of an awesome creative community that we have here in Winnipeg. I’d love to have my photos reach more people, particularly fine art portraitures in magazines or a gallery some day! As much as I’d love to see that play out, I’d say my biggest goal is simply to meet more beautiful people through my work, and have the opportunity to be inspired by couples in love and to be a part of many beautiful wedding days.”


Visit her website  or her Instagram page for more stunning shots!

Whether you are in need of a photographer for an upcoming wedding, or are just wanting to have some portraits taken, Jorja is your go-to girl! You want someone reliable to entrust with your most important memories, and that is exactly why I highly recommend Jorja to capture them for you.

Xo, Quinn

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