How to Look Good in Cold Weather

With Manitoba currently facing a cold weather advisory (and for those of my Southern readers- that means temperatures dropping to -45 degree celsius) I felt it necessary to make a post dedicated to looking and feeling put together even in freezing temperatures. I swear I’m a cold blooded creature by nature, my winter natural habitat is sitting in front of the fire’s burning embers. I literally lay out a blanket and sit there blogging for hours. The first thing I want to do when stepping out of my morning shower is to step back into it, but as I have places to be and things to do this is sadly not an option. So, I opt for the next best thing- LAYERING. Thankfully, layering is super trendy at the moment and I can easily get away with my cocoon like apparel. Even so, I like to spruce up my looks with some easy tips and tricks… I mean, winter does practically account for half the year here in Canada, and you’re going to want to keep your style refreshed throughout. Let’s get started!

Layering: Since I previously mentioned layering, we might as well start things off with some goods layering tips! Turtlenecks, capes, blankets scarves, oversized sweaters- some of my favourite layering items. But how to properly layer the articles like a pro?

-Use monochromatic pieces to create a simple (yet detailed) look.

-Master lights vs. darks by throwing on a dark shawl over a light form fitting top.

-Make a blanket scarf a statement piece by styling it with a belt.

Statement Coats: When your life consists of six months of winter, it is essential to invest in some warm AND cute coats. Be unique and stand out with a chic coloured coat instead of the typical black peacoat- pastel coats are super on trend right now. Side note: obviously don’t rock basic pumps in minus temperatures.. these shoes just perfectly completed the look for this particular shoot.

Colours: Again, don’t be afraid to use colour to your advantage. Choose one piece from your outfit and designate it as the statement piece by incorporating a pop of colour. Colour blocking is a great tool to create a stand out ensemble; but when in doubt monochromatic it out. For example, I found this green scarf to blend well with the neutral colours incorporated in my ensemble.

Photo: Kalina Denault Photography

Booties: I am constantly on the look out for cute, yet warm, winter booties. Although I’m typically only outside for the duration it takes me to go from my car to the closest warm building, it’s still very important to invest in some warm winter booties.


Leather Gloves: Simply put: cold steering wheels are a big no. Cold hands in general are a big no. Wear gloves. *Wear fashion forward gloves.

Oversized Pieces: I know repping oversized clothing can seem a tad daunting , but there’s really no need to fear. A lot of individuals have concerns about losing their figure to larger pieces, but by creating a black monochromatic look you don’t lose the slimness. Chunky knits have become a must-have in cold weather conditions!


Details, Details, Details: By incorporating accent pieces into a simple look it creates complexity- so stack some bracelets with a nice watch and throw some intricate rings on. different textures. You can read more on details here.

Ponchos & Oversized Blanket Scarves: Briefly mentioned in the layering point; however, oversized blankets and ponchos deserve a lot more recognition. So, I created their very own post. They’re literally just blankets that are socially acceptable (and stylish!) to wear out in public. If you haven’t already, it’s time to invest in some ultra chic and cozy ponchos/ scarves.

Faux Fur: One of the biggest trends this season is that of faux fur. Coats, hats, stoles, headbands, sweaters, boots, mittens.. I was planning to continue listing various articles of clothing that I’ve seen manufactured in faux fur, but then I realized that I’ve literally seen every type of garment incorporated with that medium. Not only is it incredibly stylish, but it’s also very warm. This trend may very well become your best friend this winter. You can read the post I wrote on styling faux fur here. (Side note: you get to see some more cute pics of my friend Tania hehe).

Thigh Highs: Ahhh this has to be one of my favourite looks ever. Thigh high boots, thigh high socks- I love them all. You can majorly up any outfit’s appeal with the addition of thigh highs. So simple.

Photo: Kalina Denault Photography

Hats: Seriously girls. I’ve preached this before but believe me when I state that hats are your best friend. A lot of girls have approached me claiming to “wish they could pull off a cute hat too” when they totally can! It’s all about how you wear it. It’s cliche, but confidence is key. This is my number one tip for those mornings where you rush out the door. If your outfit seems a little lack luster, add a cute hat to top it off right (at it again with the dad jokes). It’ll not only majorly up your outfit’s game, but it’ll also hide that bedhead that you didn’t have time to tame (you’re welcome).

Headbands: A girl can never have too many knit headbands- especially a girl living in Canada. Not only do they keep your ears from becoming frost bitten, but they also add the perfect style element to your outfit.

So as you can see, it is possible to enhance your look even in the coldest of days. Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to subscribe!

** Majority of photography by the amazing Kalina Denault from Kalina Denault Photography. Hover over photos to see credit.

Stay warm friends!

Xo, Quinn

21 thoughts on “How to Look Good in Cold Weather

  1. Wow this is one of my favorite outfits I have seen by far! The minimalistic elegance is great. Where I live the lowest it gets in the Winter is about 40 degrees and it warms up pretty quick so I never really get to try out my hand at layering😣 You did it well though💖

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ssaspage

    Way too late to be commenting in May, but I LOVE your coat!! But Melbourne’s winter is not cold enough for that and I’ll probably get weird stares cause it’s quite a bold colour. You’re rocking it like a queen though:D And great photos as well!

    Love, Vanessa


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