Winter Faux Furs

These past couple winters I have been particularly infatuated with the faux fur trend. I say faux, because I don’t believe in killing animals for the vain pursuit of creating garments. However, I find vintage fur coats genuinely appealing, as these furs have already been harvested and therefore should not go to waste. Personal opinion, of course. Besides, today’s technology has the ability to recreate fur in the most intricate detail. Deeming real fur unnecessary.

Photo: Kalina Denault Photography

Okay, now that I’m done with my little rant I can continue into the fashion aspect of this post. Faux fur. Ahhh. It seriously completes any winter look, while adding warmth. Which, of course, is very important in Canadian winters. Often I like to wear a faux fur vest underneath a peacoat to add an extra layer of warmth and create depth with detail. Neutral coloured fur also effortlessly blends with a solid coloured coat to implicate greater complexity in the overall ensemble- making it seem like you put a bunch of effort into your look (when you really rushed out the door).

Photo: Kalina Denault Photography

Another way I like to incorporate faux fur into my outerwear looks is with the simple addition of a stole. Stoles are extremely versatile- as they are well suited for both formal and casual wear. For instance, my friend Tania (pictured below- isn’t she a stunner?) has included a stole into this very simple winter look. By doing so, she has taken a very monochromatic look and enhanced it through tone change; once again creating complexity. The elegant addition of a faux fur stole can portray formality as a statement accessory. Lay the stole over your arm or a gown to create a simple elegance.

Photo: Kalina Denault Photography

Faux fur coats are yet another way in which an outfit can easily be enhanced. In a rush out the door? Just throw on a faux fur coat as a statement piece and call it a day- it’ll make your outfit stand out even on the laziest of days!

Lastly, faux fur headbands make for the warmest- and chicest- winter look. It’ll seem as if you’ve just step off of the slopes and are warming up in the ski lodge (I wish– not that I know how to ski).

Photo: Kalina Denault Photography

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Xo, Quinn

31 thoughts on “Winter Faux Furs

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  2. retrocasual

    Years ago I wrote an article about recycling vintage fur and why I think it shouldn’t be demonised to wear it. I’m glad that there is someone who agrees with me on that 😛


      1. retrocasual

        I’d like it if vintage furs were recycled at a place that makes new garments out of them and then sold in fur coat shops because then it would be more ethical

        Liked by 1 person

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