Hit or Miss? Odd Tricks to Eliminate Pimples.

Oh how I don’t miss the endless acne treatment trials I experimented with my first year of University. I literally tried every insane home remedy to treat pimples I could find on Google. How naive I was to pursue an inconsistent skin care regiment. I only wish I could go back and tell myself the secret to clear skin: consistency. I’ve still decided to create a list of all the crazy things I tried, and all the results that came out of it. So, if you get the odd pimple, you can simply use a home remedy to fix it.  But please incorporate a recurring daily skin care routine. Here we go…

Toothpaste: Hit. Surprisingly, toothpaste actually reduced my pimples’ size overnight. I wouldn’t recommend using this as a routine acne treatment, but if you’re on the go and left your acne treatment at home- give it a go. It is definitely very drying, so prepare to over moisturize the following morning.

Turmeric: Miss. Okay so I had heard so many positive remarks regarding turmeric’s ability to treat acne. So, I googled a turmeric face mask recipe and got to work. If you don’t already know, turmeric is a seasoning used in cooking and is also highly pigmented. In fact, many individuals use turmeric as a natural food colouring in their cooking.  This being said, the mask was on for about 10 minutes.. which was 10 minutes too long.  Thus, leaving my face with a yellow, “Simpson- like” complexion… which lasted DAYS. Prior to use, I was aware of this consequence. However, I had reduced the amount of turmeric needed for the mask, and so I thought I would be safe. No. Not at all. I scrubbed my face to the bone and it was still yellow.  Since then, I in turn use turmeric in all of my savoury meals to help aid in the elimination of acne, and not directly on my face.

Witch Hazel: Hit. This product definitely does eliminate any pimples that you may have; however, it is extremely drying.  Thus, I do not recommend daily usage.

Honey: Hit. I love using honey in my homemade facial masks, as it’s both great for eliminating acne AND hydrating the skin. It’s a win-win.

Lemon: Miss. I know a lot of individuals see results with lemon juice, but I find many of the other mentioned tricks result in greater success. Lemon is also very drying and irritating to the skin. I found it left my face very red and very dry. Which, I would honestly prefer acne over.

Ice: Hit. If you wake up in the morning with a huge pimple on your forehead, I definitely recommend trying ice. I find that ice reduces swelling and overall redness; allowing makeup to easily cover the blemishes afterwards.

Eye Drops: Hit. This is one of my beauty secrets!! I have no idea how it works, or why I first tried it.. but it is ah-ma-zing. I wouldn’t say that it actually eliminates pimples, but it completely eliminates redness. Which, is very helpful while trying to conceal pesky blemishes with makeup.

Steam: Hit. I mean this one is probably a no brainer, but steam helps to open pores and allow proper cleansing. When I wash my face (after first removing my makeup of course) I allow the warm water to open up my pores before applying my facial cleanser. I feel like this truly makes a difference in the overall cleanliness of my face. After use I go ahead and splash cold water on my face; enabling the closure of my pores.

Rubbing Alcohol: Miss. My poor, poor skin. I cannot believe that I actually tried this method. Clearly I was desperate. Yes, it does eliminate pimples. Duh, it’s ridiculously drying, it pretty much just kills them on the spot. BUT it is terrible for your skin to endure and leaves your skin feeling dry and tight. No good.

Crushed Aspirin: Hit. This actually works pretty well for an overnight solution. Again, I don’t recommend daily use for this method. I simply cut open an aspirin and mix the inner powder with water. Then lightly apply it to the affected areas of my face with a q-tip. By morning the pimples will be gone.

Tea Tree Oil: Hit. Definitely works to eliminate the appearance of acne. Yet, also very drying. I love essential oils, so I had to include this one.

Aloe Vera: Hit. This trick does more to eliminate redness than eliminate the actual pimples, but it is all natural and it really does works.

Zinc: Hit. If you’re unfamiliar with zinc, it’s the “stuff” that lifeguards put on their nose to block sun rays. A lot of individuals with acne prone skin might actually have a zinc deficiency. And so, by taking zinc supplements, clearer skin can be obtained. Although I’ve never ingested zinc for any acne problems, I have used it topically and have seen results from doing so. By applying a zinc cream to the affected areas, the pimples will be extremely downsized by morning.

Thanks for reading! Comment below if you’ve tried any other odd pimple treating remedies!

Xo, Quinn


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