Formal Flats

As per request I have created a post strictly dedicated to formal flats. Now as many of you might already know, I myself am a heels girl- 100%. My short stature of 5’4″ has lead me to assume heels as an important wardrobe staple; in fact, you’ll seldom find me heel-less. However, I realize that a lot of you may absolutely dread sporting heels (probably because endless dancing is a girls’ night out ritual). And so, I’ve created a guide to the perfect flats for all of your formal event needs. Let’s begin!

The “Date Night” Flat

Why chance a nervous heeled stumble on the first date with a potential Mr. Right? Play it safe and opt for some adorable flats instead! Below I’ve listed a few flats perfectly suited for that romantic night out. The first blushed coloured flat (top, left) from Nine West portrays the dainty essence of a first date with the help of the feminine tone and bow. I can guarantee these shoes won’t be the only thing blushing on the date. The second blush coloured shoe (top, right) from Aldo intertwines the looks of the classic flat and the Mary Jane shoe. This feminine flat has statement shoe potential galore! Last, but definitely not least, these burgundy strappy shoes (bottom) from Aldo have the ability to perfectly tie a date night worthy ensemble together. Although these have a slight kitten heel to them, their height is nothing to worry over- with an ample amount of breaking in, these shoes should be good to last you all night long!


The “Girls’ Night Out” Flat

Ahh the classic “Girls’ Night Out”. What would we do without them? If you’re looking for a flat that has the same wow factor as killer stilettos, then check out the images below. I realize sporting heels can seem like a great idea at the beginning of the night (like, before you’ve even put them on..); but if you’re a gal that doesn’t regularly sport heels, then you’re going to regret your decision of wearing them by the end of the night. And please don’t be that girl that attends a formal event only to leave in the evening- heels in hand. With this said, let’s continue to the perfectly suited flats for your next girls’ night. The first flat featured (top, left) is from Zara, and I only selected the shoe based on it’s gorgeous colour blocking. Sporting these flats is the perfect way to incorporate colour into an otherwise neutral ensemble. Can you say the perfect shoe for the LBD? It’d be a match made in heaven. The two flats to the right from Nine West (above) and Public Desire (below) prove that you don’t need heels to be sexy. The black, strappy magic showcased in the design of the shoes completes the perfect flirty look (also perfect for those dancing queens who are glued to the dance floor all night long). The final pair of flats that I’ve featured in the girls’ night out segment (bottom) from Nine West have a strappy, snake skin appearance, thus adding the perfect amount of unique detail into an ensemble. Incorporate some gold bangles and rings and you’ll be golden (get it?).


The “Gala” Flat

For the utmost formal occasions, I’ve attached some flats below that are worthy enough to wear whilst meeting the Queen. Well, almost. Most likely not. These flats featured below are designated for those formal attire- dress code enforced- events that I eagerly anticipate each season. Enjoy the entire celebration without leaving early due to fresh blisters. I promise that your elegance in flats will divert attention away from those limping in heels by the end of the soirée. Let’s begin! Okay so the first pair of flats that I’ve featured (top, left) in this segment are my absolute favourite. In fact, if you click the link you can purchase them on sale from J Crew right now! The cut, the fabric, the strap. The navy velvet exemplifies the incorporation of two distinct seasonal trends working well together, while the triangular cut and strap add classic detail to the look. All of it together equates to the perfect shoe. The second featured shoe (top, right) is from a current Steve Madden collection (that just so happens to be on sale..). This champagne shimmer flat is something very different from what we’ve seen so far in the post. The flats in this segment have limited comparisons, enabling complete style diversity. Whatever you want to reflect in your look, I’ve got you covered. These shimmery ballerinas scream statement piece. Keep the colours in your ensemble light to create a simple detailed illusion. The final (bottom, right) from Nine West are the epitome of elegance in a pair of flats. The neutral shade portrays a very classic Parisian look by keeping the shoe simple yet detailed. The strap and the arrangement add a certain je ne sais quoi to the flat, making me love it even more.

So yes, there is a way to formalize flats and create pure class in an ensemble without the addition of heels. I hope you were able to grasp some inspiration out of this article. Thanks you so very much for reading, let me know if you have any requests! Feel free to subscribe.

Until next time,

Xo, Quinn

10 thoughts on “Formal Flats

  1. retrocasual

    I’m 5ft but I just can’t hack it wearing heels so I’m grateful for any flats recommendations. I’m a big fan of brogues myself


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