12 Days of Winter Trends. Day #12: Asymmetrical Cuts

Fashions from the decade of my birth have resurfaced and it couldn’t be more bittersweet. Chokers, velvet, bodysuits- all things I love. Layered slips, platform shoes, matching satin pant suits- all things I’m trying to be more open with. It really is amazing how fashion is constantly recycling and evolving through trends, and how these trends create the perfect platform for self expression. There is nothing more personal than an individual’s wardrobe.

Asymmetrical cuts have made a major comeback this season through various haute couture labels including Anthony Vaccarello, Herve Leger, and Saint Laurent (pictured below in order from left to right).

Asymmetrical cuts refer to the vast amount of one shouldered looks we’ve recently seen, as well as the non adjacent patterns and one sleeved tops/ dresses featured through various fashion labels- such as the lines previously mentioned. Non- couture brands have followed suit, as per usual. Zara (I feel like all of my recent posts have featured Zara), Reformation, and Asos have recreated this classic 80’s/ 90’s look throughout their Fall/ Winter 2016/17 collections. I’ve attached some asymmetrical pieces from each of the above mentioned labels for your convenience. Enjoy!




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Xo, Quinn



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