12 Days of Winter Trends Day #2: Pastel Coats

So onto our second day of winter trends with my personal favourite from this season: pastel coats. Nothing screams statement piece quite like an oversized pastel coat. Oh the fashion rebellion of pastels in winter. What was once a basic fashion faux pas has now become the next greatest trend. Similarly, dark winter florals have also made a huge appearance over the last few years, perfectly showcasing how fashion is ever evolving.

Last season we saw pastel inspired designs from various labels on the F/W runways, and now this season we’re seeing them up for purchase (yay!). Below I’ve listed a few of my favourite pastel coats and the links to shop them. Why not check them out, I can’t think of a fresher way to infuse some colour into your winter wardrobe!





Pastel Pink Bomber Jacket





Pastel Pink Oversized Wool Coat

**Coat pictured in header photo.







Pastel Pink Wool Coat with Pearl Detail









Pastel Green Bomber Jacket







Pastel Green Faux Fur Coat









Pastel Purple Wool Peacoat







Pastel Purple Double Breasted Coat





Xo, Quinn

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