Winnipeg Boutiques to Shop This Holiday Season

As requested, I’ve put together a list of local boutiques worth checking out this holiday season. There are some amazing fashion finds here in Winnipeg, and you don’t want to miss out! I’ve listed my top favourite Winnipeg boutiques to date, as well as some of my current favourite garments for purchase from some of the listed shops. Enjoy!

Mad About Style

Starting this post off with one of my all time favourite Winnipeg boutiques: Mad About Style. If you’ve never been here, go. It’s located at 538 Academy Road and is open year round.  Here you’ll find the most current trends of the season in apparel, footwear, and accessories- with looks from holiday glam to cozy winter comforts. Below are some of my favourite pieces that they currently have for purchase. Click the store title to shop their online store, or just go visit them in person!



Located at 443 Academy Road, Moulé is a modern boutique that carries hand chosen pieces of eclectic giftware, jewelry, and apparel. This family oriented business is definitely the place to find unique items for all those on your holiday list.

Chestnut Lane

Chestnut Lane, located at 568 Academy Road, is a local Winnipeg fashion boutique that offers various looks from formal wear to casual wear (and everything in between).  This little boutique is definitely a gem that you don’t want to miss out on!

Boutique Anya

From their classic apparel, environmentally aware beauty, modern jewelry, and minimalistic interior touches; Boutique Anya offers a wide variety of pieces suitable for anyone and everyone. Visit them at 88 Albert St.!

Lennard Taylor Design Studio

Lennard Studio Design offers a unique twist to the classic clothing collection, with artwork as the inspiration for the garments. While they offer artwork for purchase, they also offer clothing with conceptual design from the artwork… how neat, right?! I’ve attached a few of my personal favourite garments from their current collection. Feel free to visit their online store through the link I’ve provided in addition to their physical address at 223 McDermot.



Located at 485 Academy Road, Therapy offers the chicest garments of both casual and formal attire. Their shop is perfect for a little outing of holiday retail “therapy” (get it?). Below I’ve included a few of my favourites from their current winter collection. As a personal favourite of mine, I highly encourage you to go check them out. You won’t be disappointed!



Ahh October, I still remember falling in love with this boutique at my high school’s 2010 fashion show. The selection and designs they offer are unmatched. October is undeniably one of my classic Winnipeg go-to’s, and I look forward to their new collections each season. Below I’ve included some of my current favourite items for purchase. Make sure to go check them out at 847 Corydon Ave!


Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue is a trendy local boutique that carries various apparel, jewelry, footwear, and home décor. Below I’ve attached some of my favourite pieces that they currently offer. You’re welcome to shop their online store through the link I’ve provided, or visit their physical address at 102 Osborne Street!


Kit & Ace

Yet another local classic.  Kit & Ace provides Winnipeg with the coziest of cozy apparel.. and I am HUGE on coziness. Feel the comforts of their functional clothing while looking ultra chic. I’ve included some photos below, enabling you to envision the coziness (because if coziness had a look, this would be it). Visit their showroom at 264 McDermot Avenue, or shop online through the link I’ve provided above!



Located at 100 Osborne Street, Tharnzie carries various pieces of both formal and casual attire. If you’re ever near Osborne, I highly recommend you pop in for a visit.  You won’t be disappointed!

Hush & Shout

Hush & Shout is one label separated by design inspirations. Hush is reserved for their bridesmaid gown line, whereas Shout carries various fun and casual pieces. If you’re currently planning a wedding, then shop Hush and support a local boutique. If you’re simply in the mood for a little shopping, then go check out Shout for the latest trends. You can visit them at 101-99 Osborne Street (conveniently right beside Kawaii Crepe..).


Located at 1444 Corydon Avenue, Loka carries gorgeous pieces of apparel, footwear, accessories, and handbags. If you’re doing a little Corydon shopping, make sure to check out some of Loka’s newest collection! Below I’ve included a few of my favourite garments that Loka is currently offering for purchase.


Luxe Label

Although a pricier boutique, I couldn’t not include Luxe Label’s gorgeous apparel. At their location at Unit 4- 1735 Corydon Avenue, Luxe Label offers the latest trends through their garment, jewelry, footwear, and handbag collections. Attached below are some of my picks from their current stock.


Bonus– Pine Ridge Hollow

Ahhh. With Pine Ridge Hollow being my FAVOURITE PLACE ON EARTH, I couldn’t not include it in this post. Although not technically inside the Winnipeg perimeter (as it’s located within Bird’s Hill Provincial Park), Pine Ridge Hollow offers gorgeous garments through the label “Lavish”. You can find Lavish on the upper floor of their gift shop, or through the link I’ve provided.  While you’re visiting, you might as well sit down for a bite to eat and visit the animals in their petting zoo (Fern the pig’s a cutie). Below I’ve attached various pieces from the Lavish line that I wish were currently residing in my closet.


Xo, Quinn

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