Meet Benedict!

Meet our newest bundle of joy fur!  This past winter I was devastated by the loss of my bunny, Puddin. She had been apart of the family for almost nine years, and I  couldn’t bare the thought of adopting a new bunny in replace of her- because she isn’t replaceable. It was one of our weekly trips to Petland when all that changed. As per usual, I made a bee-line towards the bunny section; anticipating the cuteness overload that I was about to encounter. That’s when I saw him, he looked exactly like Puddin had. I thought how ironic, I had never seen a bunny with similar markings to Puddin up until that point. It must mean something. Of course I wanted to instantly adopt the little fellow, but my boyfriend Mitch was concerned that he would mentally stand in place of Puddin. Saddened by our parting, Mitch heard an endless rant about the bunny that evening.

It was a couple days later that Mitch took me for a surprise trip to Petland. I was excited to be seeing the little bunny again, and elated when Mitch told me that he would be coming home with us. “Consider it a pre-birthday gift from me”, he had said. UM OKAY, I’d be willing to give up all my future gifts from every holiday for the little cutie, but you already said he was just for my birthday so no takesy backsies.  Seriously though, he could have gotten out of a lot of future gifts for this one (of course I’m kidding, for every special occasion I only ever ask for his presence).  And that’s the story of how we came to adopt the cutie pie that is Benedict! Enjoy his cuteness!

*I realize the attached photos below are of poor quality, but these are the only photos I have from the day of his adoption.

Xo, Quinnphoto-on-2016-07-05-at-6-34-pmphoto-on-2016-07-05-at-6-36-pm

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