Pumpkin Carving & Painting 2016

As per tradition, we picked up some pumpkins from the local farmer’s market to carve for Halloween. The farmer’s market we visited was a small, side of the road country market near Morden, Manitoba.  This quaint veggie stand was run entirely on the honour system, as it was a self serve market. It was quite refreshing to see such trust in today’s society. We will definitely be visiting again next year.

This year, in addition to pumpkin carving, we incorporated pumpkin painting to the mix! So, Mitch, my mom, and I carved our pumpkins, and then also painted one.  I’ve added the photo of my painted pumpkin below, but refrained from including Mitch’s carved pumpkin- as it was some Pokémon character or whatever (kidding, I just forgot to take a photo of it).  I painted this pumpkin completely by free hand, so I am quite proud of myself.  Not that I’m an artist by any means!

This year we also included yet another new tradition; we let our pets to join in on the fun. Have you ever seen a bunny and a hedgehog romping around pumpkins? Well, not to worry, I’ve attached some photos below for your enjoyment. (And yes, before you ask- Mitch and I did make sure pumpkin was safe for the little critters, and yes we did go ahead and stick them in pumpkins with self-ridden motives).

Xo, Quinn

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